10 Surprising Eco-Friendly Activities

Almost all of our daily chores, lifestyle choices, and habits have an impact on the environment, be it for the better or the worse. Changing even the slightest routines of our life that may seem unrelated to our environment, might have a significant effect on the planet.

In this article, we will be discussing some of these eco-friendly activities that people believe are not so green-oriented, but actually are, and positively benefit the environment.

Cooking meals

The many ingredients used to make processed and canned foods might hide the not-too-much eco-friendly activities performed to make them. They also tend to use unhealthier packaging than fresh foods and ingredients. Cooking your meals always gives you control over everything you eat, and in the process, eliminates all those harmful and environmentally toxic products.

Driving within speed limits

We can all start by slowing down while driving. Logically, you are less likely to kill animals on the highway if you are operating within speed limits. You can also be more focused when driving at night because wildlife is harder to see and more active during these hours.

Keep your bins covered

Wherever wildlife and humans coexist, it is always safer to cover your trashcans to avoid wildlife-human conflict, as well as prevent them from polluting the environment in the process of eating.

Quit smoking

Smokers dispose of the butts improperly. The butts are also non-biodegradable and toxic. Once the butts enter the water bodies, they end up in the stomachs of the marine animals, poisoning the animals and waterways. So, quit smoking and you will not only help yourself but will also do an eco-friendly activity.

Eating more chicken

Surprisingly, chicken meat releases fewer greenhouse gases than pork and beef. The carbon footprints it leaves behind are a byproduct of its production process. These footprints also include fossil fuels and fertilizers used to raise these larger animals, and the additional deforestation that comes with it.

Visiting the zoo once in a while

Since a zoo is meant to house habitats, zookeepers try to make sure that these animals are kept in their “natural” habitats. Seeing how these animals thrive, they might appeal to your human nature, and you will see the need to preserve life as we know it. Also, zoos fund many conservation projects, researches, and outreach efforts.

Surfing the web

On the internet, people have shared their ideas on how to save the planet. It may not occur immediately to someone watching a video or reading an article, but many subliminal messages can be passed to you, and you find yourself falling in line with these healthy practices.

Support a leader with the right initiatives

Some leaders are so passionate about helping wildlife conservation, climate change actions, and environmental protection programs.

Responsibility of pets

Some pet owners get tired of their pets, leaving them to die on the streets or go in search of food, and both processes can stir up ecological problems.

Avoid those human activities that can harm the environment

Poaching, in particular, has caused many species to be on the brink of extinction, hence the term “endangered species”. Even using machines that run on fuel, trivial as it sounds, has a significant negative impact on the environment.


After reading this article, we are sure you agree that there are ways you could be doing eco-friendly activities without knowing it.

The last point, however, pointed out something many of us should know. A healthy environment benefits everything; the world is our home, so let us join forces together to make it a better place.

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