12 Super Easy Ways To Build Your Reputation

Do people see you the way you see yourself? If your answer is yes, great! But if it’s a definite no, or you’re not sure like many out there, I’ll be sharing with you some great tips — 12 super easy ways to build your reputation.

You will agree with me that a great reputation is the most valuable asset anyone who aims for success because it is priceless. Although people feel that showing concern about what others think about you, it shouldn’t bother you, the truth is, other people’s opinion about you matters a lot. In fact, in a world full of competitors, a positive reputation can surely make a lot of difference.

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In my previous blog, I talked about When Researching Investment Targets Avoid These 5 Things. In today’s blog, I’ll be focusing on 12 super easy ways to build your reputation.

To help you reshape your reputation, my team and I have put together some deliberate steps to take to get a great reputation.

Let’s take a quick look at how to build your reputation:

Accept responsibility for your actions

Do you take responsibility for your actions? It is easy to blame others for mistakes or circumstances surrounding you. But until you begin to accept responsibility for every action you take, you can’t have a great reputation.

Learn to take actions, and say words you would be proud of when others hear them. Also, when things eventually go wrong, be sure to face the music with a sincere apology and try to make things work better.

Pay attention

As one aspiring for success, paying attention to details is key. Not paying attention to detail puts your reputation on the line. Paying attention is not just about aiming for perfection, it is about making sure small things or important details are right. This is important in your job and personal life.

Be trustworthy and consistent

When you behave consistently and you can be trusted, your actions can easily become predictable. If you act differently in different settings, your reputation will suffer because people will be bent on sharing only their negative experiences with others. Nonetheless, when you remain authentic and trustworthy, you can remain consistent, not giving room for others to destroy your reputation.

Have a sense of urgency

Are you the kind of person who procrastinates or rushes a task when deadlines are very close? If you are, this could damage your reputation. Oftentimes, when we make excuses for failing to meet deadlines — like not having enough time. This also has a negative effect on our work and reputation. Be that person who tackles every problem as quickly as they come. Additionally, learn how to manage time effectively. Stop procrastinating now!

Don’t compromise your integrity

Integrity is the baseline for any successful individual. However, small acts like jealousy, greed, selfishness, and the likes, can make you lose your integrity as well as your reputation slowly. To refurbish your reputation, you need to always do the right thing even when no one is watching or when it is not convenient. Further, do not make promises you can’t keep, or make deals you can’t fulfill. Be fair!

Be patient

Thinking before you act shows your degree of patience. Trust me, this goes a long way in building a positive reputation. Before you act on any decision when you are angry, ask yourself the following questions: will I be cool with whatever decision I make after the ‘storm.’? Is this worth it?

If your answer is yes, then you can go ahead. On the other hand, if it is no, you should think twice before taking that action. Don’t lose your temper, think before you take any drastic action or you might end up regretting it sooner or later.

Stick to your word

Are you a man or woman of your words? It might sound obvious, but so many people don’t stick to their words. How do you feel when you ask someone to do something and the person disappoints you? Not good right? This is often the same way people feel when you promise to do something and you don’t deliver.

On the other hand, if that person had delivered, you would probably think the person to be trustworthy and reliable. You would likely vouch for them if anyone questions that person’s integrity, right? Don’t say what you can’t do. Strive to be trustworthy!

Help others

The journey towards refurbishing your reputation starts with you, but it also goes beyond your own advancement. Consider helping others around you. Offer to help your friends, co-workers, family, etc. Be sure to add value to the lives of people around you. This will certainly speak good about you, thereby improving your overall reputation.

Be friendly

This is yet another step most people tend to overlook while trying to build their reputation. You don’t necessarily need to do big things to show how nice or friendly you are. Take a genuine interest in people around you, smile at them, show them you appreciate their efforts and presence, and care about them. This will draw people closer to you. So, they get to see your positive values. Then sit back and watch your good reputation skyrocket off the roof.

Mind what you say about others

Have you noticed it is easier to say bad things about others than positive things? This generation makes it even easier. But, as you already know, this isn’t the way to go. Hence, be careful what you say about others so that they don’t destroy your own reputation. Go out of your way to make other people look as good as possible. If you have something to say, make sure it is positive, or keep it to yourself. The world has enough negative vibes already.

Solve problems

Come up with great ideas to solve problems. Put yourself in the shoes of others and look for possible ways to address issues at hand. Don’t hold back the need to help clients, colleagues, friends, strangers, or family. Also, remember to ask questions to get a clearer picture of the situation and challenge assumptions.

Solving problems genuinely will give you a sense of value, making people want to associate with you more. So, don’t give in to fear of compounding the problem.

Emulate your mentors

And the last on my list is to emulate your mentors. One of the greatest secrets to success is emulating people with great reputations. The sort of people you enjoy listening to or talking to can easily leave a footprint for you to follow. Hence, you need to watch those you call your mentors. If they have a damaged reputation, you could end up making the same mistakes they made unknowingly.

Read every pure information you see about them, ask yourself if you really want to become like them or if they are living the kind of life you aspire to live. If they are not, it is time to find yourself a new mentor.

Wrapping it up

Think reputation doesn’t matter? Well, think again. Your reputation can either make or mar your success. This is why you need to build a great reputation that can open doors of opportunities for you. I believe there are people in your life who have good reputations that precede them, and they don’t have to brag about themselves because others do it for them. Hopefully, with the steps mentioned in this video, you will be able to rebuild your reputation.

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