15 Profitable Hobbies You Can Monetize

A hobby can be a regular activity you do for fun during your leisure time, but you can monetize from it; not everyone understands this. Is there a particular thing you are passionate about? It can be a business, health, teaching, speaking, cooking, entertainment, and so much more. It is high time you made money while still having fun. There is more to the hobby than it is just a source of enjoyment. If you take your hobbies seriously, you can earn from it. It all depends solely on how you develop your talents, skills, or area of interest.

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Here are the 15 profitable hobbies that you can monetize:


If there is any area you are particularly interested in, you could consider starting a blog. Some people are web developers, they could help you create a website, and you begin your journey from there. Preferably, you could make use of WordPress and set up a website for yourself. If you are consistent with your content, in no time, you will grow your site, and people will keep visiting your site from time to time. You can monetize your website through various advertisements.

Fitness coach

If you are always happy helping others stay healthy, it is time for you to earn an income from what you do. You can begin by getting a client and becoming a personal trainer. Some individuals love to keep fit, but they might not want to go through the stress of visiting the gym. You can help those struggling with weight loss, embark on a fitness journey with them, as a fitness coach, teach, and guide them through. Be the motivation they need to reach their fitness goal.

Online surveys

If you love to sit in the comfort of your own home and surf the internet, this is specifically for you. Don’t just surf the internet for the fun of it; make money while you enjoy yourself. Make money by performing simple tasks online; all you need is access to a computer and network. There are several survey sites that you can sign-up with, register with them, and participate in their survey questions . Registration is free, and there is no investment involved. You can refer to online surveys as a paid survey, and it is another best way for you to monetize without leaving the comfort of your home.

Music tutoring

There are several ways to monetize your music skills; one of such methods is through tutoring. So many people would love to learn how to play a piano or drum set, they do not know how musical instruments are played, organize a lesson for them, and you will earn your money while still having fun. Allow your passion for music to bring in money for you. Let people know about your service, print business cards, and give to people, a parent who is interested in their kids learning music might stumble on your card somewhere, and they won’t hesitate to reach out to you.

Web design

If you have a web design skill, don’t just design for the fun of it or for friends; name a reasonable price and people will pay for it. Many business owners don’t have the time and patience to sit down to create a fantastic site for themselves; they will come to you for your skill; this is more reason you should advertise yourself, let people know about you and what you can do.


I have come across so many people who love baking, but the problem is, they do it for the fun of it. Are you thinking about how your passion for baking can earn you money? It is straightforward; you can organize a class for people who want to learn for a specific price. People are going to turn up, but how would you know if you don’t attempt? Another way for you to make money is by starting a small shop, so many people are busy with work these days, they don’t have the time to spare in baking cakes for their kids’ birthday party, they might give you the work to do, and they pay you in return.


It is very rare to see people with woodwork skills these days; if you have a skill in restoring furniture to its good shape, you can consider monetizing it. Carpentry is a very lucrative skill, and the competition is low. You don’t have to major in it; you can make it a side hustle. You can involve in carrying out construction work, and it can be an installation of kitchen cabinets. Take your time and ask those who major in the skill; you will be surprised at how much they make in a month.


When you give out valuable content to people, you will earn a reward for doing so. If you have writing skills, go ahead, and publish books for people to buy and read. Don’t write books and give them out for free; make money out of it. Another way to monetize is by selling your skill, help others to write, and they will pay you for your service. There are so many freelancing sites that you can offer your writing skills; we have Upwork, Fiverr, and so many others.


There are so many people out there who cook just for the fun of it; the good news is that you can make a whole lot of money from it. You can consider starting a YouTube channel where you display your skill to the world to see. It will take just a short while for people to recognize you, and they will start trusting you with their cooking duties. You can organize personal training for a high paying client who is interested in learning the skill.


All you need to make money from photography is a friendly camera and the ability of you to be creative. Spend time finding your niche; it could be lifestyle or fashion, build your audience on Instagram or any other social media page of your choice. There are different ways to sell your photos online; we have Alamy, Etsy, Adobe Stock, and many other photography sites. Getting started with any of the sites is not challenging; all you need to do is create an account and follow the procedures involved.


You may be good at making other people laugh, don’t just spend hours cracking jokes, try to build an audience on any social media page, it can be Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram, it all depends on what you want, the most important thing is for you to earn money from your skill. With time, brands will start calling you up to partner with them or help them sell their products.


This is a very lucrative hobby, it makes one happier, and it improves mood. Don’t just carry out gardening activities for the fun of it; most working people are busy, they need gardeners to take care of their plants. You can help them trim, weed, and perform other activities for them in exchange for money.


So many people love to play games, you can develop yourself to be good at it, attract people to yourself, they won’t hesitate to pay to watch you play, you will earn a massive amount from it.


Selling coffee with exceptional taste is a good idea; you don’t need a high income to start-up. So many people drink coffee globally. Imagine how much money you will realize from starting the business.

Design a course

If you have a passion for impacting knowledge, you can create an online course for a specific amount of money. The course may be about skill, so many people would love to learn one skill or the other, offer them your course, and they will pay you in return.

Bonus Tip

Video making

This is one of the high paying skills that anyone can learn and earn from. There are so many companies out there who want to market their content through video creation, and it is a skill that is high in demand.

You can have one of the skills I just discussed with you, don’t hesitate to turn your passion into a source of income. There is rapid advancement in technology, don’t be left behind.

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