5 Amazing Tips To Boost Immune System During This Pandemic

Regardless of your wealth, good health is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Different factors may contribute to having good health. This may range from food we eat to the water we drink. Hello everyone, glad you are still here for another blog post that centers on being healthy. It is known that vitamins, minerals, and other food classes could also be a determinant of good health. Yet, if there is less intake of these food classes, it might interfere with one’s health. We all know that during this period of the Pandemic outbreak, staying healthy is essential. Regardless of how strong your immune systems are, boosting them is essential.

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Boosting your immune system

Take more Vitamin D

This is a natural fat-soluble vitamin. It is available in very few foods, but it is available as a supplement to the diet. Vitamin D is endogenously produced. This happens when ultraviolet rays from the sun hit the body. This triggers vitamin D synthesis of vitamin D. The Vitamin obtained from food, exposure, and supplements are inert biologically. In the activation of the body, it must pass through two hydroxylations. A 20mg of Vitamin D daily would be essential.

This Vitamin helps in promoting the absorption of calcium in the gut. It also maintains adequate serum calcium. Moreover, it maintains concentrations of phosphate to enable bone mineralization at a normal level. It also remodels the bones by osteoblasts and osteoclasts. Bones can become brittle, thin, or misshapen if this Vitamin is not sufficient in the body.

Take more Vitamin C

This is an essential nutrient that has many roles to offer the body. It can neutralize compounds that are not stable in the body known as free radicals. Vitamin C helps in the prevention or reversion of cellular damages caused by these free radicals.

It’s also comprised of several biochemical processes, which work for the benefit of immune health. Vitamin C has a daily value (DV) of 90 mg. Those that breastfeed require an extra 30mg.

Meeting vitamin C needs through your diets can come easily for you, eat many veggies and fruits. For instance, a single medium orange gives 77% of the daily value. 112% of the daily value is provided in broccoli when you cook it with a single cup (160grams) of water. The intake of vitamin C during this virus outbreak is essential. Taking 2,000 milligrams of it in a day could help in waging war against the virus. It also strengthens your immune system.

Take Kangen water

There has been no vivid evidence that when you take a lot of water, it flushes out the covid19 virus. However, drinking a lot of water is good for health in general. It is recommended that the daily intake of water prevents dehydration. And the chemical makeup of the Kangen water is even better suited for hydration. The Kangen water and its alkalinity are powerful ways to keep your body and your immune system clean from internal germs.

If you have a healthier internal body and a boosted immune system, you can easily fight off the virus. Fluid drinking has been recorded scientifically to play a major part in preventing many physical illnesses. The Kangen water has also been proven to be a healthier choice of fluid for everyone. This is irrespective of age and health status.

Positivity and Happiness

Even though things seem a bit gloomy, it is advised that you keep your motivation up and set your happiness bar high. Negativity and depression are all harmful to your overall health and wellbeing.


Being an integral part of our lives, sleep is incredibly complex. It helps in re-energizing the cells in our body. It also clears wastes off the brain, supports learning and memory. It plays a crucial role in our mood regulation, appetite, and libido. It has been researched that a lack of sleep enhances obesity changes, infections, and heart disease. You should endeavor to sleep 6–7 hours daily, which will help boost your immunity against the virus. Other tips for a healthy life include daily exercise.

Living a healthy life seems easier when the necessary measures are taken. Even when the cure to the virus hasn’t been found, staying healthy and boosting our immune system could be gift money may not buy.

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