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May 19, 2020

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5 Practical Business Development Tips to Grow Your Business Online During Coronavirus

We are living in troubling times. Besides the awful upturn in the announced death roll, businesses — both small and big — are also being affected by the current epidemic. Amongst other things, the stock market is crashing each day as businesses are on compulsory lockdown.

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog. Today I would like to talk about business development and how you can grow your business even in such critical times.

What can you do to grow your business in this Coronavirus crisis? How do you ensure you have a business to go back to when all of this is over? How do you keep your head above the water as we all wait for the outcome of this epidemic?

The answer is simple — develop business online!

Every smart marketer knows the potential locked in the online business world. More than ever, this is the time to leverage the gigantic customer pool stored online.

Confused on how to begin? Let me help you get started with my top business development advice. Stay put!

Connect With Your Customers on Social Media

Although social media has been lauded for its many benefits to businesses, more than ever, it is your surefire business growth. Before you start implementing other online hacks to skyrocket your sales, be sure you have active social media pages where you can connect with your customers. Of course, they can’t meet you at the office anymore.

But they can certainly reach you via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and even email. If you do not have all these means of communication available already, you should create them now. Because it is important to keep that customer relationship — from afar.

Which Platform Works for You?

As you get started with your online business development journey, you have to ensure you stick with platforms that are perfect for your business type. Social media is the new land of gold waiting to be mined, however, not all social media platforms are gold for all business types. Take the time to research the one for your business. What demographic are you targeting? What social media platform do they frequent? What kind of product or service are you advertising? Will you need more videos than blogs?

These questions should help you pick the perfect platform for your business.

Content Marketing is Still Gold

Yes, you read right. Even in these trying times, content marketing is still gold. As you take your business online, it is not smart to just sit back and share a few posts on your desired platform from time to time. While this strategy will help you gain a handful of leads, you can achieve more by using every possible online content marketing channel available.

From sending regular emails and newsletters to posting online blogs and social media platforms, you have to keep your content marketing game at the top. Make sure you put out quality contents. This is the time to pay more attention to your SEO, as you will need this to get your content to the right audience.

If you have been sleeping on SEO, then it is time to wake up. You can’t go far online without a good SEO game. Get working on your business development and advance your content!

Win More Leads with Ads

It is okay to try out some tips on your own. Nonetheless, if you want to really want to soar in the online world, you cannot do it yourself. Sorry, this is not one of the DIY hacks. You will need help from advertising. True, you can share a few posts and blogs on social media. But that can only go a little further than your environment. With search engine ads and social media ads, you are sure to reach a wider audience, thus increasing your chances of lead generation.

Don’t Give Up

Above every other point on this list, you must not give up. There are a ton of competitors waiting patiently to snatch as many of your customers as they can lay their hands on. Giving up shouldn’t be an option now. Consistency is key in mining the gold locked in the online business world. Whatever marketing strategy you choose, be sure to be consistent. You may not start having huge results overnight but, with consistency, you will soon. Keep hope alive!

We can’t hide our faces in this period of economic uncertainty and just wait until it all goes away. As business owners, we have to make do with the resources we have at our disposal and eliminate unnecessary expenses. Focus on what you can control and keep your customers happy because that’s the only way you can win.

That is all I have for you this time. Stay around for more business development advice — subscribe to my newsletter and get every new blog directly in your inbox!

Stay safe! If you need more help, just let me know. I am always happy to advise.

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