8 Goals That Will Help Improve Your Life In 2020

Number 1 — Minimalism and how it helps people succeed

As I’ve noted many times before, minimalism is not just a “way of life”, it’s a whole different mindset. It’s not just a set of actions, following a pattern, it’s a specific outlook on life. Here’s a quick summary on how and why it works:

Number 2 — Kangen Water

This year, I also had my first real encounter with Kangen Water — Enagic’s amazing alkaline water systems. All it took was one single demonstration, and I realised that Kangen Water is the answer that I’ve been searching for all year. You see, ever since going eco-friendly, I’ve been trying to find ways to get healthy water for my home and office, without the added burden of disposable or glass bottles. I gave some Amazon filtering systems a try, but they weren’t doing it for me. And Enagic’s system changed all of that. Now, I use Kangen water for everything — from drinking and washing fresh produce, all the way to beauty procedures and cleaning. It has helped me lower my carbon footprint even further by allowing me to get rid of most of my cleaning solutions and cosmetics products. And, to top it all off, it also came with a fantastic business opportunity. Enagic has an excellent referral program that I’ve been leveraging to bring in some additional profits — it’s just like a small business on the side.

Number 3 — Eco-friendliness

Turning over a green leaf can (or rather — is more or less guaranteed to) bring similar results to minimalism. As a matter of fact, I’d go as far as saying that eco-friendliness and minimalism go hand-in-hand. In our daily lives, we’re exposed to many contaminants, dangerous toxins and chemicals, all of which take a toll on our bodies. But they aren’t “just” harming your physical health. Your mental health suffers as well! I’ve always said that going eco-friendly was one of the best choices that I’ve ever made, and I stand by that statement 100%. And when is the best time for introducing significant changes in your life that are likely to stick? That’s right — during the start of a new year!

Number 4 — Travelling

I absolutely adore travelling. I love seeing new places, I love learning new things about people, and I believe that anyone can benefit from travelling around the world (as long as it’s within the realm of their current financial possibilities).

Number 5 — Getting some exercise

This one is crucial, especially if you happen to work in an office environment. Spending your entire day sitting in a chair is everything but healthy. But if going to the gym doesn’t sound like a fun time, don’t feel bad — I don’t like it either. Instead, I prefer to do my workout routine in the comfort of my own home. And it’s worked out great for me, without the need for expensive exercise equipment.

Number 6 — Read more books

Now, we enter serious self-improvement territory. If you’re looking to become better at anything, master any skill or learn new things about any topic, I can guarantee you that there’s a book out there that can help you out! I’ve been a passionate reader my whole life, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. And if you feel like you don’t have enough time to read, don’t worry — I’m in the same boat. Yet, I haven’t given up on my passion. How do I do it?

Number 7 — Start a business

As I often say, financial independence is the key to personal freedom. If you’re looking to change your situation for the better and become the shot caller in your life, then starting a business is definitely something worth considering.

Number 8 — Invest

If you’re looking for ways to achieve financial freedom, but don’t feel ready to start your own business just yet, then investments are the next best thing. Naturally, for optimal effect, I’d suggest that you do both, but as a starting point, investing can be a lot simpler to get into. At first, you should aim to get your budget under control — try to save at least 10% of your income (and resist the urge to buy fancy new stuff), which you can then use to invest. It’s all about choosing the right index funds and being patient with your capital.

A practical demonstration

As most of you already know by now, the majority of my content is based on my personal experience. And this extends to the above tips as well. During 2019, I used all of these tricks, and they’ve helped me achieve a lot of things.


I have written six ebooks, two of which are already available. You can find them both here, on my website, and on Amazon — “100 Natural Ways to Clean Your Home” and “How to Live an Eco-Friendly Life?”. Here’s what I’ve got lined up for publication in the near future:

  • How to live a minimalist life? — A book, detailing my experience with minimalism.
  • “Not Only a Cleaner” — A summary of my life in London. There, you can read about my journey from a Bulgarian village girl to a London business leader. You can read about the things that I did right, but more importantly — about all the things that I did wrong. My goal is to help people learn from my mistakes, without having to pay the price of making them. This one took a tad longer to write — it brought back a lot of memories — and is still with my editor.
  • Coming soon — A quick and easy-to-understand write-up on the marketing approaches that I’ve had the most success with.

Eco-Friendliness & Minimalism

I finalised my transition to eco-friendly living and I became a minimalist. As a matter of fact, this is why I created this website. I wanted to help others who were, just like me, fed up with pollution. I’ve posted numerous articles about my journey, and I’ve also included detailed information, tips and tricks in most of my books.

Eco Bravo

The above points then inspired me to launch an entirely new brand, dedicated to green living and eco-friendliness — Eco Bravo, and things are really looking up for it.

But wait, there’s more

But that’s not all. I’ve also been hard-at-work on my other business projects. Here’s a quick update for you:

  • My personal website has been growing steadily, and my audience has nearly tripled over the course of a few months. Additionally, I’ve branched out and established my brand on all major social media platforms.
  • My main business — the cleaning company that I started over 19 years ago — has also enjoyed steady growth. After achieving full eco-friendliness in my personal life, I also took it upon myself to apply the approach to my business as well. Now, FastKlean features a dedicated Eco Cleaning Team, and we’re cutting out all non-sustainable practices.



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Antoaneta Tsocheva

Antoaneta Tsocheva

Entrepreneur and eco-friendly enthusiast. I’m on a green mission to clean up the way we live. Share the passion — follow my journey now! http://bit.ly/2FloQoQ