8 Useful Tips How To Set Goals For 2020

How do you plan your year?

Have you decided what you want to achieve?

I’ve already set my personal goals for the next three months, six months, one year, and even five years down the road.

Hello everyone, and welcome back to my blog! I’m your host — Antoaneta, and, in today’s article, we’ll talk about how and why you should Set Tour Goals for 2020 ahead of time.

  • Setting up reasonable and achievable goals is a big deal
  • Setting up specific goals is vital for your ability to focus on the tasks one by one
  • Setting up measurable goals allows you to track your results properly
  • Setting up achievable goals is important for your self-confidence
  • Setting up relevant goals ensures that you stay on target
  • Setting up timely goals helps you stay motivated and prevents slacking off

The summary above is based on the SMART system. And even though it’s an approach to project management (mostly used in corporate settings), it can do the job just fine in a personal sense as well.

And before you start worrying about what-ifs and possible setbacks, allow me to elaborate — this isn’t meant to be a solid, set-in-stone “road” that I absolutely have to follow no matter what. It’s more of a rough outline, something to help me stay on track and keep me productive. Of course, circumstances change. For all I know, next year my entire plan could change. But I simply can’t allow myself to use this as an excuse. We’ve all got a limited amount of time to work with, and, if we want to get anywhere, we can’t afford to sit on our hands and worry about what-ifs. Don’t be afraid to dream but try and keep it realistic.

New year’s resolutions present you with a great opportunity to set goals and introduce new changes to your life. But here’s the thing about them — people rarely stick to their resolutions. More often than not, they’re quick to forget the promises that they’ve made to themselves merely weeks down the road. And if you’ve already been through this process, you know full-well that it leads to nothing but disappointment and annoyance. So how do you do it properly? How do you set goals that you can stick with? If you’ve been asking yourself these questions, then you’ve come to the right place. That’s exactly what we’re going to be talking about today!

Number 1: Think long-term and look at the bigger picture

Number 2: Breaking it down

Number 3: Putting your goals to paper

When I was building my first business, I didn’t appreciate the importance of this. I’d keep all of my ideas, plans and goals in my head. I even went as far as doing a lot of math in my head. But, as I quickly came to realise, this is a horrible idea. Not only does this waste valuable time and energy (which is bound to get overwhelming eventually), but it also prevents you from objectively reviewing your goals. And, believe it or not, there’s a ton that you can understand about your goals by taking a few minutes to review your notes.

Number 4: Dream Big but Remain Realistic

Number 5: Don’t overestimate yourself

Number 6: Stick to Your Goals

Number 7: Track your progress

Number 8: Celebrate your successes

And this is my bonus tip for you:

  • Lead an eco-friendlier life — lower your carbon footprint, work towards removing plastics from your household, turn towards renewable and reusable solutions
  • Work on your budgeting — adopt a more minimalistic approach to life, lower your spending and try to save at least 10% of your income
  • Look into investing — research your local investment opportunities, carefully consider your options and sign up for some courses
  • Spend more time with your friends and family — appreciate what you have and take the time to show your love and gratitude
  • Expand your contact network — go out, meet new people and form lasting connections with worthwhile individuals
  • Read more books — sit down and research the topics that you’re passionate about, find sources inspiration and learn new skills

These are some of my personal favourite goals that I’ve also been working towards for many years. And if you’re completely new to the concepts, don’t worry — I’ve got a few interesting articles waiting for you in the resource section below!

And that about wraps it up for my goal-setting methodology. Of course, there are many more details, related to goal-setting that you could consider, but for the purposes of getting you on the right track, this should suffice. If you’d like to learn more about the subject, please take a look at the resource section below, where I’ve listed a couple of books that I’m sure you’ll find really useful.

What about you? Have you decided on your goals for 2020 yet? Do you have things planned out, or are you still searching for inspiration? Please share your thoughts, ideas, and experiences in the comments below — I always love hearing from you!

Thank you all for reading, and until next time:

Stay green and motivated!



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