9 Reasons You Should Keep Your Carpet Clean

There are so many purposes for the usage of carpet in our various homes. It can be used as an insulating material to keep the feet warm from the floor’s coldness. It also adds beauty to the room with its color and pattern. It can look so attractive, especially when it’s new. With time, however, they become so worn out, and they tend to tear, making it so irritating-the carpets in homes where there are children and pets tend to spoil faster. So many things can damage carpets. A carpet can tear off when the secondary backing separates from the little support known as Delamination.

Your carpet is made of two layers-a primary and a secondary one. When you move large items or objects across the carpet, they tend to break easily, and they become spoilt. That is not all; excessive moisture present on the carpet makes it buckle. We are confident that you will not argue the fact that a small tear on your carpet can be so annoying and it makes the home lose its beautiful appearance. You often neglect the fact that your carpets need a professional touch. Yes, carpets need to be cleaned by professional carpet cleaners regularly. Your home doesn’t deserve a carpet with a foul smell. Your new carpets also need to last longer in your home or office. Check out other blogs such as, “ 7 Amazing Cleaning Hacks You Never Thought Existed”. And the good news is that a bonus tip awaits our patient readers at the end, it is the most important of all, so keep reading till the end.

Here are nine reasons why you shouldn’t keep your carpet dirty:

Existence of germs

Are you aware that your carpets can conceal many germs? When germs are present in your household, they can cause illness. Your carpet performs the role of a filter. It traps damaging air. It also keeps the smoke coming from cigarettes, chemicals, and all other pollutants. Getting ill as a result of a dirty carpet doesn’t sound pleasant.. This is because when the carpet gets too dirty, it tends to stop holding these pollutants. You and your family are now inhaling damaging air. It would be best if you call for the service of a professional cleaner to help take the dirt off your carpet. There are trusted cleaning companies like Fastklean.com; they are one call away from you, and their service is budget-friendly.

Presence of Norovirus

This virus can be existing right in your carpets for a long time. It stays there for about six weeks. The more people walk over it, then the more it tends to become an airborne virus. This Norovirus is not different from the same symptoms that are found in food poisoning.

Dirt causes asthma attacks and other diseases

Carpets with the existence of excessive air being trapped in them tend to trigger an asthma attack. This air does not just cause asthmatic attacks; it also causes eczema and rhinitis. Your health and that of your family should be the most important to you. When your carpets are unkempt and dirty, it can lead to serious health challenges. You will now have to spend a fortune taking care of your health and that of your family. Why not spend less now by calling for the service of a professional cleaner. You can relax and be at peace knowing that your health is secured and there is no form of attack or whatsoever.

Low air quality

When your carpets are not cleaned or if they are not adequately cleaned. The air quality present in your home will be of low quality. This is as a result of the dirt that has taken the carpets as their hiding place.

Presence of foul odor

When your carpets are not properly cleaned, there will be lousy odor all over the house. We are sure you don’t want that. Isn’t it embarrassing when visitors come around and ask what is smelling so wrong in your home? The embarrassment from there will cost you more than the little you would have spent in calling for a professional cleaner. Carpets tend to smell because it has moisture present in it; the underlying carpet material encourages mildew problems. The musty smell should be something all homes should avoid.

Existence of Dog pops

Are you by any chance thinking dog pop can’t exist on your carpets because you don’t own a dog? You don’t own a dog, but its poo still lives in your home because you sometimes walk on the grass. You take the kids off to the park from time to time. It means that there is a microscopic existence of this in your home. Your shoes can pick up animal waste, and it tends to be wiped off on the carpet in your homes. Always take your shoes off at the front door before entering your home.

Presence of bugs

The joy of every home making use of a carpet is to enjoy its convenience. But, when not properly handled, the carpet hides insects within the fibers. It is best to clean your home with a vacuum weekly to remove all existing bugs from it.

Presence of mold

Carpets can absorb or soak up fluid at a faster rate. That is why it is always advised to clean up spills as quickly as possible; it is best to follow the cleaning up with an enzyme cleaner to avoid the growth of mold. Mold is the cause of several allergies. The spilled foods or drinks soak into the carpet and breed in the carpet fibers. It is best to prevent it from breeding in your homes.

Dust mites

Dust mites tend to exist in a place with high humidity, so it is always advised to keep our carpet dry. The flakes coming from your skin, where do you think they all go to? Of course, they go into the carpet. That is more reason your carpet needs a touch of professionals. They know how to get all this off the carpet. Do you prefer having a home full of mites? And something about mites is that they keep multiplying.

Bonus Tip


We all have kids playing around; they might tend to come across pet hairs on the carpet which they can pick and put into their mouth. Effective cleaning in every home it’s advised. Kids tend to fall sick more quickly than adults.

Learn to spend on your health. Your health is very vital and to enjoy good health. A hygienic and conducive environment is essential. Regularly, allow the professional cleaners to perfect your home cleaning. A company like Fastklean.com is tested and trusted. Let’s always try to keep our home sparkling neat.

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Originally published at https://www.fastklean.co.uk on June 3, 2021.

Entrepreneur and eco-friendly enthusiast. I’m on a green mission to clean up the way we live. Share the passion — follow my journey now! http://bit.ly/2FloQoQ

Entrepreneur and eco-friendly enthusiast. I’m on a green mission to clean up the way we live. Share the passion — follow my journey now! http://bit.ly/2FloQoQ