A Poor Standard Of Cleanliness Can Impact Your Success

How can you fix that?

However, failure to ensure a clean working environment could in reality harm your business and the goals you want to achieve. A tidy and clean workspace doesn’t just look nice, it also has a plethora of benefits which your company can enjoy, such as a successful and powerful working environment. While it might appear to be simply rhetoric, research has shown that a healthier, cleaner office is great for productivity.

How bad cleanliness affects your business

Below are the issues:

  • Workspace mindset: research has provided evidence that a workspace mindset has an important influence on performance. The way we view our working environment influences how we work and operate in it. An unclean workspace fails at projecting the idea and philosophy of professionalism and focus. What it does however portray is a very casual environment. Your environment can influence your mindset and that of your employees, thereby impacting how you carry out tasks.
  • The clutter effect: clutter can be extremely problematic due to two reasons. First of all, it can hinder any standard working practices, by hiding or misplacing pertinent documents, which then leads to time being wasted while searching for the pertinent documents. It could also cause a psychological effect to occur. Physical clutter typically leads to mental clutter, which then causes problems with thought processes and concentration. These two issues can cause inefficient work practices to occur.
  • Wellness and health: poor cleanliness, unsurprisingly can be detrimental to workplace health. The build-up of elements such as mildew, dust, bacteria or mould spores can result in an environment that can create medical issues such as respiratory issues. Ensuring that your workplace is clean is imperative as it encourages the improved health of everyone in that space. It also reduces the likelihood of performance drips and sick leave due to poor health.
  • Workplace happiness: it has been proven that when a worker is unhappy, that worker becomes less effective at their duties. They are also less likely to hang around. There are numerous things that can affect worker happiness. These things are usually out of your control, however, cleanliness is and should be something that you can control, as it has a real impact. Most people are unhappy at dirty spaces, both at work and at home. Ensuring that your workplace is kept clean and you are able to influence your staff’s happiness. While this might seem to be something small, however, a pile of putrid garbage mounting up, for example, can be something that frustrated your workers and gets them out the door.

Are there steps I can take to ensure my business improves its cleanliness?

Short-term solutions

Long-term strategy

Being able to comprehend just how important having a clean workspace is and how to react to any problems you might face is integral in having a business practice that is not only successful but also promotes improved results across the board in numerous aspects of operations.

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