Are Cleaning Companies Considered Essential?

Why Cleaning is Essential Right Now?

When the COVID-19 pandemic started, the NHS quickly recognised cleaning companies as providers of an essential service. Here’s why:

COVID-19 spreads through “respiratory droplets”. They are generated by coughing, sneezing or simply exhaling. When these droplets come in contact with a surface, it is considered contaminated for up to 72 hours (depending on the material). Frequent & thorough cleaning and disinfection are one of the best ways to limit the spread, which is why the NHS has encouraged businesses and individuals to take cleaning very seriously. And this is where cleaning companies come in.

By keeping the surfaces in your home and office as clean as possible, cleaning companies are the key to limiting the pandemic’s spread and protecting the general population. Our cleaners place themselves between you and the virus, essentially serving as an additional protective layer against contamination.

People underestimate the value of cleaning

Many people underestimate the importance of professional cleaning. It’s just one of those things that anyone can do like making a sandwich, or whipping up an omelette right? How hard can it really be? Well, alright then, how about you go and present the last sandwich you made to Gordon Ramsey? He sure wouldn’t be impressed with our sandwiches, we can tell you that much.

Besides, there’s a lot more to cooking than sandwiches and omelettes. You don’t go to a restaurant because you can’t cook, but because you want to enjoy a high-quality meal, without spending any time, effort or energy. And, because a professional chef is usually somewhat … better at cooking than the average person.

And the same goes for cleaning. FastKlean places the expertise of seasoned professionals at your fingertips. We’ve got the tools and the know-how. And we also happen to be backed up by over 20 years of experience in the field. We can custom-tailor our service to your property’s specific needs and offer you complete peace of mind.

Thorough Disinfection and Sanitisation with FastKlean

In response to the increased demand for professional cleaning, our experts have developed a unique (but still highly customisable) Antiviral Sanitisation Service, available to all of our London-based clients. This three-step procedure includes:

Unlike standard cleaning tasks, FastKleans’s Antiviral Sanitisation service relies on the use of specialised equipment and advanced (but still 100% chemical-free) cleaning agents. Clients can book this procedure individually, or as an addition to our other cleaning service packages. For more information, please refer to the designated Antiviral & Disinfection page.

Additional tips to protect yourself from COVID-19

A few months ago, we published a couple of articles with tips on how to stay safe during the pandemic. In this section, we’ll give you a quick summary of the most important points.

Workplace safety:

Home safety:

In case you missed our previous posts of this series, we highly recommend that you give them a read because the information there is still very relevant. Links can be found in the resource section down below.

Moving Forward

Time for some real talk — cleaning is essential not because the NHS calls it an “essential service” during the pandemic. It has always been an essential part of human life.

It’s not an optional extra, but a necessity. Pandemic or no pandemic, people need to live and work in clean and germ-free environments. Dust, dirt and bacteria build-ups open the door to a whole host of illnesses, health issues and allergies, all of which can (and should) be avoided. And we should not need a deadly virus on the loose to remind us of that fact.

For us, at FastKlean, this is much more than “just business”. We aim to help people lead cleaner, safer, healthier and happier lives. And we achieve this by carrying out seemingly “insignificant” tasks, like getting the dust out of your carpets and scrubbing your windows. We have been over the health benefits of cleaning on many occasions in the past, so today, we’ll just give you a quick summary (you can find links to some of our previous posts in the resource section down below). Cleaning helps you:

And that about wraps it up for today, friends. We want to thank you for taking a few minutes of your day to read this article, and we hope you found it useful. If you’d like to learn more about FastKlean or book a cleaning service, you can reach us at 020 8884 9149 or book online.

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Originally published at on February 17, 2021.

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