Cleaning Your Sofa The Right Way

Sofas are important items in the living room, bringing style and comfort wherever they are kept. They also experience more wear and tear faster than you may think. The sofas are some of the items with the highest traffic in the house. They are exposed constantly to dirt, dust, cooking odors, and body oils. Learning how to clean sofas may seem like a stressful challenge for people, but there are always easier ways to keep your sofas free from dirt and germs.

The good thing about cleaning your sofa the right way is that it gives the right impression about the cleanliness of your home. Have you ever imagined having visitors that sit on your sofa and notices that it has an odor or is dirty? Embarrassing, right? That’s one of the reasons why you need to clean your sofa properly.

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In this blog, we will still be discussing health-related matters. Cleaning your sofa is one of those cleaning practices that should be done more often. However, before cleaning the sofa, there is something you need to know before you start. So, what could that be? You need to be able to thoroughly check the tags on the couch.

Some of the tags on cleaning your sofa are:

  • WS — Cleaning can be done with a steam vacuum, mild or dry cleaning detergent.

So, without further delay, how do you clean your sofa?

Cleaning and maintenance of your sofa or sofas should be done weekly to prevent the build-up of spills, dust, dirt, and damage from wear and tear.

In this particular order, you can extend the lifespan of your sofa:

  • Use a dry brush: Dry brushes can be used to loosen pieces of debris, dirt, and fabric.

Most of the time, regular maintenance of sofas does not take care of embedded stains and dirt. For proper and deep cleaning, one will need a stiff brush, cleaning cloths, baking soda, and a vacuum that has a brush attachment. You can clean your sofa with baking soda through the following processes:

  • Always make sure to test your fabric: Baking soda is a genuine cleaning agent, which is also eco-friendly. It has been known to remove embedded dirt and grime that may be embedded in your sofa. You can always test the sofa fabric first, but baking soda is generally great for sofa fabric.

Everyone wants a deeper clean for the sofa, so considering a carpet or steam cleaner should be the option. These steam cleaners can be used on different upholstery but not for suede. To shampoo a sofa, do the following:

  • Use the vacuum with a brush upholstery attachment to vacuum the sofa. This removes any embedded stains and dirt.

After removing the cushion covers, if you can identify that they are machine washable, then you are in luck because that is probably the easiest way to clean sofas. If not, you may have to loosen debris and dirt by using brushes on them. It is always better to do so in the sun because the ultra-violet rays from the sun can also help in disinfecting the fabric.

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Originally published at on April 21, 2021.

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