Companies Due For A Stock Split In 2020

Stock splits have been around for years, and many companies use the process as a driving factor for new investors. Welcome to my blog, the place for all things money management, stock investment, and financial freedom. If you want to learn more about stock investment, then check out my post “Making Passive Money With Only A $1000 Investment“.

In today’s post, I will be screening through some of the stocks I believe are due or would most likely have a stock split shortly. In my post “5 to 1 Stock Split And What That Means For Investors In 2020” I explained the concept of stock splits and how they affect the investor and why they are a good choice for companies. So check that out.

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Jim Cramer’s view

If you are a fan of Mad money, then you must have heard Jim’s latest opinion on stock splits and companies that would be in the line for a split. He said that there are a few companies due for a stock split. As I wrote in my Tesla’s split article, the company is and will keep receiving a lot of hype in their stock because of their recent stock split. And Jim says that if the market is to keep thriving and moving, then more companies need to follow in the footsteps, Tesla.

Top ten companies due to stock splits


This possibly one of the fastest-growing food brands in the country and this is largely due to their healthy food option. A lot of 20’s investors tend to lean more to investing in this company. But with the stock price of over $1,200, this isn’t looking so good for the young generation investors. They have never done a split since they entered into a public company, so this is going to be a great way for them to attract more investors. In my opinion, they could do something like a ten for one to get the memento going.


In the past, they have done a few stock splits but recently nothing has happened. One can say with their present stock value at over $3,300 is high and needs a split to increase its marketability. In my opinion, a ten to one stock split would be best for the company. I believe that $300 is a fair amount for the company’s stock value.


For now, their stock price sits at just under $500. This for many new investors is on the high side, and they are waiting for a split. The company has done a few splits in the past, and I expect to see another in the 4 or 5 to one split.


Sitting well over $400 in stock value this company is due for a split. They have done a number of them in the past, and I think they should do another soon. A four or five to one split seems ideal at this point.


The stock value right now is just around $1,500, which isn’t so bad for a premium company like this. However, there is still room for a split, and in my opinion, maybe a 3 or 5 for one split would do. And maybe if they want to be investor-friendly, they can go as far as a ten for one, but I doubt they would do this.


This stock’s value sits just at $500, and I believe this is on the high side for the company. The company has seen several stock splits, and I think it is time for another. I am looking forward to seeing a 4 or 5 to one split.


This is next on the list, and I don’t think this company will have a split soon since again it is a premium company. But if they have to and a lot of young investors are hoping for that, but if they have to, they will take their $200 plus stock value and do a 2 to 1 split.


This is one of the retail stocks I think is due for a split. More retail stocks don’t go so high in stock value, and I think this company should stick to that rule. Now they are over $300, and I think they need to see a 6 to 1 stock for more investor interest.

Home Depot:

This is a popular stock splitting company, and I would like to see another stock split from them. They are not very high in value now at around $280, but I still want to see a lower stock. So a 4 or 5 to one seems fitting.


This Company tops my list. Right now they are well over $250. This isn’t a high value for the stock, seeing that it is a premium stock, yet I believe investors want a spit. I guess that if a split will happen, then it would be around a 2 or 3 to one split.


Even if these companies should go on to split their stock, it doesn’t matter to an existing investor. It might be good for new investors who can now afford to buy the company’s stock. As Jim said, stock splits are excellent for new investors but horrible for professional investors. This is because when a split happens, those who love to own big companies but don’t want to spend the money to get them will happily jump at the new low price.

Now he goes on to say that this will, in turn, affect the companies with values that are low. Whatever the case, maybe you don’t have to be worried as a retail investor.

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