Decisions That 18-Year-Olds Need to Make - University vs Business

Practical Advice for Young Adults

The Importance of Going to School



Protect your investment!

If I had to choose, what would I do?

In summary

  • Have a role model — It doesn’t have to be Wonder Woman or Superman. As a matter of fact, the best role model in the world is the future-you! Think about who you want to become one day and act the way she or he would act. You can thank me later.
  • Surround yourself with positive people — You want the people closest to you to bring you up, not drag you down.
  • Find your passion — focus most of your time and efforts at getting good at things that you’re passionate about.
  • Figure out what you want to do with your life — finding your calling can be quite difficult, but it’s most certainly doable. Setting aside some time to read through classical literature, mythology or philosophy can help a great deal with this.
  • Set your goals — After figuring out all of the above, set a few simple goals for yourself and start working towards them at your own pace.
  • Don’t rush — You’ve got your whole life ahead of you. Try to focus on one important thing at a time and don’t overwhelm yourself.
  • Start saving early — The earlier you learn self-discipline, the easier your life will be.
  • Keep learning — aim to learn something new every time you open a book or read an article online. Don’t waste your time with things that won’t teach you anything.
  • Stick to your passions — Some people can be passionate about writing, others with painting, some are great at working with people, others taking pictures, so there are plenty of ideas online! There will be another video that I’ll share with you some ideas — what businesses in you can start.



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