Declutter Your Home whilst spending time at home during COVID-19

Minimalist living: 10 Productive Tips to Declutter Your Home

Are you looking for practical ways to declutter your home? We’re in this together! Removing clutter means these are fewer surface areas for Covid-19 to live on.

Practical Tips to Declutter Your Home

Start small

Decluttering isn’t as easy as it sounds but setting small goals and achieving them is the fastest way to reach your goal. Taking baby steps is the first process of decluttering because if you rush into it, you might just lose hope.

Re-think before buying

We are all guilty of buying things that we feel may be useful at home than end up not using these things at all. It is very easy to buy so much stuff that we are not sure whether or not we really need it. Shopping ‘just in case we need it’ only creates more work and makes your home cluttered. On the other hand, I can’t ask you to stop shopping considering that would not be a realistic solution.

Donate Unimportant Stuff

Have you considered donating stuff you do not need? Sure, facing purchasing errors and poor spending choices is rather tough but the truth is, you can’t keep beating yourself up over these past mistakes. I know it can be pretty difficult to let go of stuff you already have, notwithstanding, the only way to successfully clear clutter is to give it away.

Detach Yourself

Remember that sweatshirt you got from your first crush — that you’ve outgrown for years now? What about the faulty jar you have refused to trash because it reminds you of something special?

Repack your closet

Cleaning up your closet is the only guarantee to simple living and a quality lifestyle. We naturally wear only 20 percent of our clothes so what happens to the remaining 80 percent? They just occupy space. It is high time you parted with this unnecessary baggage already.

How do you choose what to ditch?

I’m glad you asked. I drafted out three critical questions to help you simply the decluttering journey.

  1. Is it torn, stained or faded?
  2. When was the last time you wore it?

Prune regularly

You may not know it yet but eliminating stuff that is useless gives some sort of relief. Pruning items shouldn’t be something you do once a year or in two years but it has to be done on a daily basis. Throwing out items that are not useful and donating those you may likely never use again can help you reduce clutter.

Respectfully say ‘No’

Saying ‘No’ respectfully to free samples and souvenirs can be pretty hard. However, that is one of the best ways to keep clutter out of your home. Learning how to say no takes a lot of practice, just like mastering any skill but worth it at the end. Using it relieves stress and helps you reduce clutter in your home. Try it out today — you’ve got nothing to lose.

Choose quality over quantity

Unarguably, buying a small amount of quality items that provide basically what you need is way better than buying cheap accessories that may probably pose a threat to your wellbeing. Investing in products that don’t need frequent replacement and are multi-functional is the best way to reduce clutter.

Box up items

Boxing up duplicate items and anything you feel you don’t use and occupies space is another effective way to declutter your home. You can use the four-box method. This allows you to have different boxes for different purposes.

  • box 2: useful items to keep
  • box 3: stuff to donate
  • box 4: to store up things

Challenge yourself

If you are not sure where or how to start, you can challenge yourself by cutting down your possessions, clothes, etc every month. Although, this works mainly for those who love solving challenges. Setting up small challenges for yourself helps to clear clutter and at the same time combat boredom. Why not get started today!

Thanks for reading!

I hope you picked a few helpful tips from our list. Do not hesitate to let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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