Do You Know About The Top 5 Behaviors Of The Rich Nobody Talks About?

What are those rich investor’s behavior takeaway?

You must be ready to pay the price. And what does that mean?

Let’s say you need a new nice watch. You go to the store to check out the o fferings. You are really after something that will impress your friends. You now have a choice: either pay for the watch or steal it and run. Which one will you choose?

Never Enough

It’s a very interesting phenomenon that you can hand somebody a $2 million bonus, and they’re fine until they find out that the person next to them got $2.1 million and then they’re sick for the next year. Capitalism is great at doing two things: generating wealth and generating envy.

Crazy is in the eye of the beholder

At a first glance, it seems like a lot of people do crazy things with their money. Some spend it in ridiculous amounts on ridiculous items, and others hide it under their mattresses. But the thing to remember is that people come from different backgrounds with different childhoods, parents, life experiences, and educations. All this adds up to different perspectives and values. What seems crazy to you might make total sense to me.


What do the Great Depression, World War II, The financial crises, and Covid-19 all have in common?

The seduction of pessimism

If I were to give you a bunch of reasons why the market will crash later this year, mentioning the gigantic US government debt that stimulus checks might lead to the return of inflation, and perhaps something about new strains of Covid-19. You would most likely be intrigued. And perhaps end up with quite a negative view of where in the market cycle that we are at the moment.

Wealthy mindset

A wealthy mindset will guide you to make use of the money you have. A wealthy mind means spending less, making wise investments, and their behavior is always looking for ways to improve financial standing with minimal risk.



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