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With Christmas nearly upon us, we’ve decided that it’s time for a festive change of pace, and, in today’s article, we’ll be doing a quick recap of 2019.

Over the last 365 days, we’ve come a long way. We’ve worked hard to lower our carbon footprint, and we managed to not only officially launch our Green Cleaning services, but also to restructure a large portion of our methodologies to support our eco-friendly vision. In this line of thought, we also partnered up with Eco Bravo — London’s very own green living store, who’ve been generously providing us with a wide variety of sustainable products. Furthermore, our specialists have also come up with a new, innovative implementation to streamline customer experience. Now you can quickly and easily track our progress, as well as communicate with your designated cleaning experts at the mere press of a button.

We’d like to take this opportunity to give a big shout-out to all of our loyal clients. Thank you, everyone, for being with us throughout this year. Furthermore, we’d like to specifically address London’s YMCA Branch as well as the Trinity Church, for their generous Christmas Charity invitations. We look forward to many years of successful partnership in the future. 2019 has also brought many new faces to our doorstep, and we’re proud to announce that we’re now working with lots of new businesses, including:

We are also very proud to announce that this year we started working with more major property management companies:

No company could ever hope to succeed without the continual backing and support of its hard working teams. Here, we’d like to thank our amazing cleaners, as well as our exceptional office and customer support staff — getting this far without you would never have been possible. The road to success is rarely easy, and, as all other companies, we’ve also had our difficulties and roadblocks. But you stuck with us, and you showed us that you share our vision for a greener, cleaner and safer future. Together, we pulled through. And we will continue to move forward as a team. As one big family.

This has been a really exciting and transformational year for all of us, at FastKlean, and we are more than eager to share the details of our journey. We have redirected a significant portion of our resources to the research and development of new solutions and eco-friendlier cleaning methods. We found our partner on the path to sustainability in the face of Eco Bravo, who have been providing us not only with safer cleaning solutions and materials, but also with invaluable advice. They have worked closely with us on redefining our business practices, and, together we’ve redesigned our methodologies from the ground-up.

Furthermore, we have been working on a number of educational programs, for the benefit of our employees, as well as our clients. Our experts are seeking to turn the attention of Londoners towards the dangers of toxins, chemicals and plastic pollution, while highlighting the benefits of living zero-waste, plastic free lives. It is our hope that, through our efforts, 2020 will be at least a bit cleaner, greener and safer.

Our move towards sustainability also inspired us lower our paper consumption to the bare minimum, which prompted an update of our digital platforms.

With the help of another one of our partners — FOME Agency, we have also been able to expand and optimise our online system, as well as launch FastKlean’s brand-new mobile App. Aimed at streamlining the customer experience, our mobile App provides you access to the following functions:

  • Dedicated accounts
  • Digital signing of work orders
  • Real-time progress tracking
  • Creation and revision of monthly report (complete with “before” and “after” pictures)

Moving forward

We have a lot of exciting things prepared for 2020, and, even though we don’t want to spoil the surprise, we’ll give a couple of ideas on what you can expect. In 2020, we, at FastKlean, will work towards:

  • Expansion of our eco-friendly practices and the incorporation of even more sustainable items in our arsenal
  • Further streamlining the customer experience, with the goal of facilitating faster digital interaction between our clients and their cleaners
  • Hosting zero-waste and green living educational workshops and seminars
  • Implementation of various benefits for employees who demonstrate care for the environment

And last, but definitely not least, we want to send our eternal gratitude to our regular domestic clients, some of which have been using us for nearly two decades. Without you, FastKlean wouldn’t be the ever-growing business it is today.

In closing

FastKlean has come a long way, and honestly, we couldn’t be happier about our progress. We have achieved a great deal in a relatively short period of time, and we look forward to many more productive years of working together. In 2020, we hope to be able to make an even bigger and more positive impact, both on the lives of our valued customers and employees, and on the world at large.
Before we wrap it all up for this year, we’ve got something to ask you. Even though we are working really hard to minimise our impact on nature, we can’t hope to do it alone. And so, in this festive time of joy and gift-giving, we’d like to urge you to think of the environment. It doesn’t need to be a major change — it could be something as simple as adding a little line about eco-friendliness to your New Years’ resolutions or using fewer plastic products in your holiday preparations. Every little bit helps!

Happy Holidays
From all of us, in the FastKlean family

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