Five dividend stocks to have and hold for years to come

We are all looking for a way to boost our financial stories. Many people around the world have taken to stock and more because they are just the passive income you need to grow financially. However, finding the right stock to invest in is not exactly an easy thing to do. There are several companies doing excellently well in the stock market, and picking one that can remain a fighting dog in the world is something you really need to consider. Hello, and welcome to my blog. In today’s post, I will be discussing the five companies that you can hold onto for a lifetime and be sure that their dividend stocks value will keep rising.

In my post ‘sell or hold in the new stock rise,’ I explained that selling your stocks should depend on the company’s success and growth in the future. I said that if a company had superseded its dividend stocks value from your estimation years ago, then it is okay to have them sold. However, in this post, I am going to be discussing and encouraging you to keep and hold individual stocks for years and years to come.

Five companies to hold on to their dividend stocks.


Waste management is the first on the list. This is a company with just about 20 years of operation, but they have made tremendous growth since. Their PE sits at 25%, which is quite good considering the S&P 500 average at 21%. Their payout ratio is at 58.40%, a dividend yield of 2.16%, which is a good amount, and dividend growth for 17 years. This company sits on my list primarily because they deal with all things waste. It is a stable business that will continue to grow as long a human’s are alive. Humans make waste by default, so waste is undoubtedly something that will not be affected irrespective of the market condition.


This company also makes the list. At over a hundred years, this short time postal company is over and beyond on its hold on our daily lives. Their payout ratio is at 73.11%, a dividend yield of 3.96%, and dividend growth for 61 years. Their product line covers everything from bandages to healthcare, transportation, and manufacturing products. Their diversification is one of the main reasons why I believe that they are set for life to keep on paying their investors and superseding their dividend king status.

Johnson and Johnson

This company is also a hundred years old, and they have 57 years of dividend growth, making them also a dividend king. Their payout ratio is at 52.32% and a dividend yield of 2.72%. This company covers several brands across personal care and health. And the fascinating thing is no matter how bad the economy is, your health and personal attention will not be stopped. You will still be taking care of your family’s health, and their product list is so vast that you almost always go for them when health or personal care issues arise.

Kimberly-Clark Corporation

This is also a relatively old company, and the great thing about them is how much everyone is unaware that their product is being used. To explain this, this company owns Huggies and several other healthcare products. Their payout ratio is at 57.29%, a dividend yield of 3.09%, and dividend growth for 47 years. The company has so much diversification that it is impossible for many people to go for a month without using them. And this makes them a great company because irrespective of the market state, people will buy diapers, and females will get hygiene care products. Tissue papers will still be used, and several other of their products will generally never have an issue with selling.


This is a popular company that has been second best to Coke for years. And as much as coke sells more, Pepsi has a nice growth strategy up their sleeves that makes them a go-to company. They have a lot of diversification in snacks, cereals, and drinks that ensure that you are buying their product one way or another. Their market value will undoubtedly increase with time, and no matter how bad the economy gets, they will undoubtedly thrive. People will always buy snacks, and even if you are getting a bottle of coke, you will most likely buy one of their snacks. In the end, they are just certain not to leave the market whether the economy is good or bad. Their payout ratio is at 76.66%, a dividend yield of 3.05%, and dividend growth for 47 years.

Of course, there will be several other companies that fit the bill out there, and it is possible that they could even be better, but these recorded on my list have shown very good prospects as a good fit for dividend stocks. This means that if you have to make a lifelong commitment to any company, then you should go through these to get that assurance many investors want when they are searching for a safe and secured company to gain passive income from. Thank you again for staying with me all through this video. If you have a comment to make, then, by all means, drop them in the comment section. You can also like and share if you have found this post helpful in any way. For more of what I do and to be among the first who get my new posts, kindly subscribe.

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