How To Clean All Carpet Stains, Including Coffee Stains?

They are such a beauty to behold, our homes look beautiful because of them, our feet are protected because of them, and we can ditch our beds because of them. They are carpets, and they are a feature in almost every home. They look good when clean, and they can move from good to gory when stained. This is the dilemma all carpet users face daily. If you cannot afford the pocket draining amount cleaning firms charge to restore your stained carpet to pristine condition, read on, we will help out.

We have made a list of the easy to do steps for removing the toughest stains on your carpets-even if it’s an ink stain.

If It’s A Water-Soluble Stain Use This Method

We had to start with this stain removal method for carpet stains because it is one of the easiest and fastest to do. If the stain is water-soluble, then there is one tested and trusted way to remove the stain; however, plenty it is and no matter how long it has been there. Dab a cloth or paper towel in a bowl of water and apply on the stain, the faster, the better. This is very effective for soya milk and food stains.

If The Carpet Stain Is Tougher, Try This

Sometimes carpet stains from spills could likely spread to corners or angles that you may not see at the time of the spill. In some cases, after cleaning the stain with a wet cloth or a wet paper towel, if the stain persists, then you have to use this means. Get a bowl or any container, fill it with water (about 32 ounces) and add vinegar to the water, dip a rag in water and apply on the affected area.

If It’s a Tea Or Coffee Stain Try This

Other than oil stains, there is another stain that troubles carpet owner and carpets, and it is none other than stains from tea or coffee. If such stains are not cleaned as soon as they occur, they not only make the carpet smell awful, but they also make the carpet look awful. Clean up these tough stains with a beer. Pour the beer on the carpet stain, rub rag lightly on the stain and watch the stain fade away.

If Stains Frustrate You, Try This

To be candid, stains are tough, but there is an unspoken cleaner’s rule that you must never forget. Tough stains don’t last if you know the secret. If the carpet stain is from a spilled juice or an oil stain from your dinner, grab your shaving cream and squirt it on the spot and surrounding areas. Get a damp sponge and work it on the spot you noticed the stain- continuously until the stain vanishes. Let it dry then finish up with a moist cloth.

If It’s An Ink, Don’t Wink, Apply Milk

Ink stains on carpets seem like the end of the world for your carpet, no matter how new the carpet is and no matter how little the spill may seem. There is a technique that can and has been known to remove ink stains without having you go to the professional cleaners. Spill some cornstarch mixed with milk to make a paste and allow this mixture to dry on the carpet for a few hours. Grab a brush and brush off the dry residue and vacuum off afterward.

If It Is Wine, Bring Out Your Salt Jar

From ketchup to greasy food stains to wine stains, salt is the antidote for such obnoxious stains, the amount of salt you will use depends on the kind of substance you are trying to get out of the carpet. If it is a ketchup spill, act fast before the ketchup dries, add the salt on the spilled fluid, and allow it get dried and vacuum off the residue. If it is another greasy fluid, add a little salt to a lot of alcohol and brush away and if it’s a spill of red wine, quickly add white wine and sprinkle with salt- vacuum off the residue afterwards.

If You Can’t Determine The Stain, Use This Fluid

You suddenly discovered a big blotch or a large smear of a substance you know nothing about. You are left with two choices, send for the cleaners or ignore the stain and watch your carpet get ruined permanently. There is one stain remover that you should bring out and apply in this time of confusion. Add hydrogen peroxide to a lube of non-gel toothpaste or cream of tartar. Rub the paste on the stain and rinse afterwards, allow to dry and you will have your carpet back.

Finally, Baking Soda Is Not For Baking Alone

You have been keeping that jar of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) in your pantry for ages, well, here is the time to bring it out and watch it rescue your carpet from the embarrassing carpet stain.

Did someone vomit or did your pet just empty its entire breakfast or pee at the centre of your carpet? Here is what to do with your baking powder. Clean the vomit or urine as fast as you can and pour baking soda immediately over what is left and cover the mixture with a toilet paper. Leave the now hardening mixture for 2–4 hours and vacuum off the residue and you have your carpet back.

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