How To Clean All Carpet Stains, Including Coffee Stains?

They are such a beauty to behold, our homes look beautiful because of them, our feet are protected because of them, and we can ditch our beds because of them. They are carpets, and they are a feature in almost every home. They look good when clean, and they can move from good to gory when stained. This is the dilemma all carpet users face daily. If you cannot afford the pocket draining amount cleaning firms charge to restore your stained carpet to pristine condition, read on, we will help out.

We have made a list of the easy to do steps for removing the toughest stains on your carpets-even if it’s an ink stain.

If It’s A Water-Soluble Stain Use This Method

If The Carpet Stain Is Tougher, Try This

If It’s a Tea Or Coffee Stain Try This

If Stains Frustrate You, Try This

If It’s An Ink, Don’t Wink, Apply Milk

If It Is Wine, Bring Out Your Salt Jar

If You Can’t Determine The Stain, Use This Fluid

Finally, Baking Soda Is Not For Baking Alone

Did someone vomit or did your pet just empty its entire breakfast or pee at the centre of your carpet? Here is what to do with your baking powder. Clean the vomit or urine as fast as you can and pour baking soda immediately over what is left and cover the mixture with a toilet paper. Leave the now hardening mixture for 2–4 hours and vacuum off the residue and you have your carpet back.

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