How to invest in 2020?

Do you wish to learn some ways of investments that you can make in 2020?

Hello, and welcome to my blog. It is my pleasure to be with you again. Today I will be talking about investing in stocks in this year 2020.

Many of us have to work out our financial growth and stability. We do this while living life and raising a family. You realize that your regular income doesn’t cut it in taking care of finances. The first line of action would be to invest in a venture that might not cost you your time to earn.

There are investment options in stocks, bonds, shares, crypto-currency, and more physical properties. If you have gone through this stage of decision-making and finalized in shares and stock market, this post is for you.

I will be talking about the recent downfall of the world stock market that has got everyone in a panic. I will offer investors a bit of personal advice that I believe would be useful to them.

How to do investing in stocks with the recent downfall

With the widespread transmission of the coronavirus, there has been a massive toll on the stock market. It is so much so that in the last one week 8% has been lost in the total world stock. Which means that a year’s worth of investment and growth work is lost. It is a blow to everyone, with many losing assets and more to this crash.

And some specialists go further to make this already bad news worse by speculating that in the coming days 7% more could be lost. This fall is undoubtedly a cause for alarm, and it is only understandable that you panic and rush off to sell your investments.

But I give a piece of straightforward advice, stop panicking, and don’t sell.

About the investment market

I recommend investments for everyone. It is a sure way to have constant income flow. Of course, there are moments when you won’t earn as much, and there are times when you will, but in the end, it is a passive income that can come in handy.

For new and old investors, there is a central concept you will either come to realize or already realize. That is, you can never know it all about the investment market. In a recent interview with Warren Buffet over the fall of the stock market, he stated when questioned about what tomorrow has in stock for the financial market, that he does not know and cannot know what will happen in the future of stocks and shares.

If the biggest investor in the world is unaware of where the stock market is going to be in a few moments, then there is nothing more to say. With this revelation, it just means that the fall of today will not define tomorrow.

What to do with this crash in stocks

The first thing that comes to mind is to sell your shares and cling on to what is left. That seems like a wise idea from the surface, but in-depth, that is a horrible idea.

There is so much to understand in the stock market, and sometimes for beginners and even long time investors, it might be hard to keep up. This especially happens when you hear the many terms and names attached to various stock related businesses. That is why many of us choose a broker. Brokers listen to all those and break it down to us in simple words.

For a broker, I use the free trade app, which also offers trading services for free. You might not be using this, but whatever you are using, it helps you break things down for comfortable use to the non-expert.

Yet in all this, there is a simple knowledge in investing, primarily in stocks that comes to mind. Every share you own makes you a part-owner of a business. Let’s say every time a company has a bad week or weeks, you panic and sell it off. There won’t be many businesses around.

In the same vein, when a major company has experienced a significant stock fall, it won’t close up, even if it sells to some other business, you don’t lose the full value even if you lose, of your share.

Investments are a long-term money-earning platform, and sometimes you need to lose some to get some. So what do you need to do now, you need to buy and buy and buy some more.

Now that this crash has happened, many stock prices have dropped. It is time to take hold of the opportunity and buy as much as you can. This way, when and trust me, it will happen, and soon, when these companies get back on their track and the stock market flourishes again, you will have acquired a large number of shares that could yield tons of fruits in a couple of years.

What to buy when investing in stocks

So because there are lots of fallen stock prices does not mean you have to go for them all. I advise taking a clean look at the big companies with proven track records and a firm grip in their business field.

Go for international companies and multi-million companies with previous years of stock growth. This doesn’t immediately assure that nothing will go south ever, but it is a safer plank on a risky platform.

I lost about 8% of my investment in this crash, and it’s okay because the fact is investments are more of a legal gamble. Anything can happen good and bad. But those who have succeeded are those who accepted losses and took advantage of them.

The market is doing its own thing at the moment, it was down in March and now it is recovering which is very strange. As we all know people are losing their jobs, we are headed towards a recession so it’s not normal for the market to recover the way it has at the moment. I am not investing at the moment, I am waiting for the right moment to start buying again.

Make the best of investing in stocks is known to make a drastic bounce to its former glory after every horrible fall. And besides, panicking never did anyone well, take this time to read up on past falls and rises in the stock market. I am confident you will pick up your investment app and begin buying.

Thank you for taking this time to read through the post. You can always leave your comments, and I will do my best to offer you my candid advice. Until next time, have a good day.

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