How to start a minimalist life and start saving

Thank you for stopping by today and welcome to my blog. This time I have prepared a special topic that is certainly a win-win for you. Did you know that living using only the barest necessities can be appealing financially? Have you ever thought of improving your life by living with only the most important of things? Do you wish to learn the secrets of a minimalist life?

You are in luck because this time I am bringing you the top ways to begin a minimalist life and save money and the planet. Of course, taking to this life can cause you a lot of initial difficulties, especially on your first look at things. My blog today will help you make a firm decision to join this way of life.

What is a minimalist life, and how can it help with my goal to start saving better?

Minimalism is downsizing the needs of your daily life while concentrating on things that matter to you. This on its own is not a criteria for saving more, but it’s a big help to you. Certain steps should be taken when beginning a minimalist life that can lead to you saving more.

Following this path, you will have to choose between cutting down on clothing, accommodation cost, fast foods, social events, trips and practically anything else that isn’t a survival necessity.

Steps to begin a minimalism life and start saving

Inventory and evaluation

To begin, take a look around you and note in your mind all that you have. Once you have done this, make a mental note of what you really want to achieve by following this path. Are you seeking happiness? Do you wish to save up for a big move or a big life choice or to clear debt? Whatever it is, plan it out from the very beginning.

Clean and tidy

As a primary rule, minimalism leads you to take down what is necessary and what is not. You keep those that are and you say goodbye to those that aren’t.


Make a budget for your goal if it’s financially based. Let’s say you need £150,000 in 5 years, saving has to be £2,500 monthly. This budget also lets you know how much you have to spare when it comes to spending. If your salary is £4,000 monthly, then you know you have only £1,500 for your living expenses. For budget-friendly green items for your home, make sure to visit Eco Bravo.

Needs and wants

What exactly are your needs during these five years? Differentiating them from your wants and needs are important for your survival; wants are not essential. You need shelter, food, and clothes while you want a penthouse, four-star meals, and brand name clothes. Your needs should always come first in a scale of preference before you can begin to consider your wants.

Quality not quantity

You can buy a relatively expensive bag of £200 because you know it will take at least a year before you might need to get another. This is better than buying 4, £50 bags that won’t last a year. The quality of a need should come over the quantity or physical appearance, this is an understanding you must carry with you through your minimalism journey.

Fewer things, less space

Remember, the goal is to have as little as possible to conserve money. This also means that if you are downsizing your entire living, there would be no need to live in a costly apartment. Try sharing the rent or if you enjoy your space, go for a studio apartment, maybe even one that goes on a monthly payment plan.

Cost of maintenance:

Since everything is at the barest minimum, then the cost of maintaining will drop to the minimum. This way, you can concentrate on the bigger picture, save energy and time with your new minimalist life.


Saving and living a minimalist life requires dedication and determination. To achieve a goal, you must be willing to go beyond your comfort zone.

With so many requirements and plans we have for ourselves and our families, it is important to make the best of every penny. Keep in mind that downsizing your whole living plan does not mean that you can automatically save, it takes the will power and focus to complete your goal on time. You can downsize and still spend so luxuriously that you never get to your goal.

If you felt motivated by my blog today and feel that you want to begin a downsized life, kindly let me know. Or if you already live this life for a certain goal, then I would love to hear your story and be a part of your wonderful journey. And I will be happy if you could share some more advice for those who plan to begin the journey to a minimalist life.

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