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About Cathie Wood and Ark investment

Top ten Ark Invest stocks


Ark invest has always been a strong promoter of the company, and although they sold off some of their stocks earlier this year, they still believe in the future of Tesla.


Square is a business that aids other small businesses in their everyday running. They are involved in credit card payment, tracking, payroll, and a range of other financial activities. In Wood’s opinion, the company is innovative.


As of the date mentioned, the Invitae stock is the second largest on the Ark invest portfolio. The company focuses on Genetic testing to make genetic information affordable and readily accessible to anyone that can derive benefits from it.

Ark Invest has a total of 15,931,703 shares worth over $478 million. This gives it a position of 6.94%.

Crispr Therapeutics

Ark invest has a position valued at over $390 million which makes up about 5.66% of her portfolio. With 4,359,597 stocks Ark invest holds a good position.

Roku Inc

Here’s the fifth largest investment in Cathie’s Portfolio. With an investment of 2,261,594 shares, Ark boasts of a market value of over $332 million. The stock occupies 4.82% of the portfolio.

Roku is a company that allows the streaming of your favourite shows and entertainment straight to your TV. This company makes everything perfect to the level that streaming requires no cable connection.


Ark has an investment worth $247 million with 6,560,846 stocks. On Ark’s portfolio, the company holds 3.60%.

Proto Labs

Proto Labs is a company that is basically into industrial 3D printing for prototyping and production. They utilize this 3D printing for the manufacturing of production parts.

Ark has 2,004,908 Proto Lab shares which are valued at over $264 million. The stock holds 3.84% of Ark invests portfolio.


This is one of Cathie Wood’s top ten investments, and it holds 3.09% of the company’s portfolio. The company holds 678,183 of LendingTree stocks valued at over $213 million.


This company focuses on the development of life science tools used in the analysis of gene findings and variations. Illumina aims to personalize medicine which works for you.

This is particularly for people who have gene variations and need a quicker recovery method. Ark holds 690,915 shares of the company worth over $240 million. The company holds 3.48% of Ark’s portfolio.


Ark invest has this company holding 3.20% of their portfolio, with 2,877,273 shares. Ark enjoys a value of over $220 million.


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