Looking At The Top Investors In Recent Times

Most retail investors are looking to seasoned investors for some sort of guidance. The truth is, more often than not, as a young investor, you may require the guidance of the already established ones. Nobody wants to make mistakes that others may have made, hence the need for those seasoned investors.

If you have been in the business of investment for a long time, you must have seen a lot of things over the years. It is wise to say more is to come, so we all need to be prepared.

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The oldest trick in the book of investing has always been to follow those who have done really well in investment. When we talk about the masters of investments, one name comes to mind almost all the time, Warren Buffet. He is a seasoned investor and has made some investments that have surprised the world. In fact, he is being called all sorts of names, including “ The Wizard of investments.”

However, in recent times, the Wizard of investments and his company have not been doing marvelously well, so most investors have started to turn their attention towards other younger and more vibrant investors.

When we talk about enthusiasm and vibrant energy, very few can match the investors I have selected to talk about in this blog. In no particular order, I will be talking about:

Here are the Top Investors

Chamath Palihapitiya

Another leading investor who is in pole position to replace Warren Buffet as a wizard in the investment world is Chamath Palihapitiya. He is the CEO and founder of Venture Capital from Social Capital. His approach to investment is quite different from that of Cathie’s. While Cathie is known for her investment strategies and results, Chamath’s strategy is investing in the next best thing.

Before now, his company, Social Capital, was regarded as a shell company with a shady reputation. Now, his company is widely known as a special purpose and acquisition company (SPAC). He is also an enthusiast, teaming with other investors to expand his brand. Chamath has gained the trust of investors who look up to him. What most of them do now is wait for any company Chamath identifies as the next best thing, buy into their stocks as early and as cheap as they can get, and trust that Chamath will come up with the goods.

Catherine D. Wood

Who is Catherine D. Wood? Well, many investors have sprung up over the years to replace Warren Buffet in terms of strategy and investment ideas. She is the portfolio manager of Ark Invest.

People keep asking what that special thing Cathie Wood has is. Well, she is famous for blending the present with the future and leading a group of retail investors who are making waves in the world of investment. Being very transparent, she makes it a habit of posting all her trades daily. While the year 2020 was really bad for most investors, Cathie Wood saw otherwise.

One of the attributes to her success is her position in one company that is loved by retail investors but not fully understood, Tesla. She chose Tesla for a lot of reasons, including their tendency to venture into diverse markets like autonomous use of technology, energy storage, DNA technologies, next generations services for the internet, and also technologies that enhance financial services.

Simply investing in technology puts you in the lead in terms of investments because it is the future of investments. So, Cathie Wood’s Ark Invest portfolios have caught the eyes of observing investors. It is no wonder she made it to my list. She is also one of the cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and you can see the difference they are making in that field. Now, many investors follow her lead and buy any stocks she seems to show even the slightest interest in.

Now, some of these people investors look up to are just investors. There are, however, those that not only invest but run companies that have become successes over the years. I believe you have an idea of who I am talking about here:

Elon Musk

It is difficult to be an investor without knowing this name. The richest man in the world currently who made billions despite the economic recession, Elon Musk is a name every investor would want to associate with. He is also the CEO of Tesla, a company associated with innovative technological changes that aim to shape the world. Almost every investor knows Tesla, but there are also other companies he is planning to bring to the forefront.

He is so powerful in the world of investment that merely mentioning a company or cryptocurrency could move the market in one direction or the other. Being a seasoned investor and successful CEO, it is no wonder investors rush to make decisions based on his comments. Just like the other two mentioned below, investors, more often than not, trust him with their funds and almost never disappoints.

Just like other investors, I started with following Warren Buffet. He was on top of the pile for so many years, so it was very difficult to ignore him. Then, sometime last year, I started following Cathie Wood, and subsequently Chamath. But even while I was following these great investors, Elon Musk was always my favorite. And of course my friend Warren Buffett- I admire you and he is my example to be a long term patient investor

There are definitely other investors who are not mentioned in this blog. Also, I have mentioned some of my favorites, but I would like to hear yours. Please drop your comments in the comment box below. Also, subscribe to my channel, like, and share this blog if you really loved it. Do not forget to join my FB page and remember that we would love to hear from you.

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