Making Passive Money With Only A $1000 Investment

Having something to fall back to after your retirement is a huge achievement. Making money without needing to work is a great idea. Numerous ways are legal in which you can make passive money income without needing a huge sum of capital to invest or getting involved in the multi-marketing scheme. With a little token, you can start a stream of passive income today.

Hello! I welcome you to the blog that updates you with all the information you require on lifestyle, finance, and investment. If you are not a guest, please encourage me by dropping a like, comment, and share as this will be a motivation for me to create more wonderful posts. In today’s post, I will be showing you how to make a passive income at only $1000.

This is not a get-rich-quick topic, so don’t expect that, but it is a means for you to earn without exchanging your time for money. Check out my other blogs, such as “The Best Indicators of a High Growth Stock in 2020“.

Without wasting any time, let’s begin.

Making passive money income with $1000

Buying dividend stocks:

To have more steam of passive income without involving more risk, buying dividends stock would be the best choice. Rather than investing your money in the index fund, find a company you trust has a high payout rate. A lot of companies have experienced setbacks due to Pandemic, yet many of them are performing well.

Companies like XOM pay currently 8 percent, SPG also pays 7 percent yield. If you invest $1000 in a stock that pays 8 percent, you could expect a potential $80 as your expected passive income.

It is vital to be cautious when companies pay a high rate of dividends, as it might be risky at times. Recently, companies such as Ford’s, suspended their dividends payment while Wells Fargo cut their own down by 80 percent. Companies with dividends may suspend payments anytime, so you need to be careful.

A high dividend from a company doesn’t indicate the performance is good, so you should be careful when you want to invest. Ensure you invest in a strong and safe background and fundamentals and have the intention of a long-term holding period.


eBooks are an excellent way to earn a passive money income. With $1000, you can get someone to write a book for you, edit, proofread, format, and even promote sales through advertising. Once this is finished, and you have self-published on the various available outlets, you can be sure to earn passively.

Real Estate:

Putting your $1000 in Real Estate is not a bad idea to create a passive income. It is not like you can buy a house with $1000 and rent it out. However, there are ETF’s or Index Funds. Putting your money in this portfolio is just the same as buying a stock.

Using your money to buy stocks in certain categories of property such as medical buildings, or residential buildings that give you an income by percentage when prospective tenants pay rents is what I am talking about. And you do not need to think about fixing or replacing fittings in the property.

This is the same as investing in a company’s stock. A good example of a Real estate stock you can buy is, Reality Income Corporations, have 6500 properties having a long-term clause. They pay a 4 percent dividend yield. The National Health Investors Inc also pays a dividend yield of 7 percent. Without getting involved in the management or selection of tenants, or carrying out repairs, investing your $1000 in the Real Estate portfolio would add $20-$40 each year.


When it comes to having a stream of passive income, there are two things you can generate. The first is investing your money and investing your time. The sole reason for investing your money is to generate more money by getting your money to work.

Take, for instance, sending out $1 of your money is like sending out a thousand workers, with each bringing you a penny each to add to your $1. Repeating this process would start to increase your money. However, this is not the reason for passive income.

When you invest $1000 in index funds, this will generate more money for you. Index fund covers a variety of stocks in the market which you can purchase for a very small price. An example of these stocks is the VTSAX, which is sold at $80 per share. With this little cost, you are entitled to owning a small fraction of the Hercules market in the US, which can serve as passive income.

Other stocks you can try are SCHB, FXIAX, or; VOO. From these stocks, you can make passive income through dividends payment and of the price of stocks when they go up. Take a look at this, when you invest $1000 in the VTSAX index fund for 35 years, this would fetch you $22,000 in your passive fund. Begin small, but end big!

You can also invest in different individual stocks at small stakes and watch as they all grow and return a profit. Expanding your investment portfolio will help you diversify your income and increase your profit in the long run. It will also help you minimize the possibility of losing.


You can take a picture, make a video, and place them on available platforms that sell pictures and videos. The returns, although small, are consistent.

Pay off Debt:

Getting rid of a high-interest rate debt by paying it off is another means for you to have a passive money income. Trying to make a passive income while you have a high rate of interest debt can be ineffective. Paying it would be one of the best returns you would get by far.

For instance, if you have a credit card balance of 15 percent interest to pay, paying off this debt is equivalent to making a 15 percent return of your money without involving any downside risk. Taking this into consideration, the first thing to consider when planning on investing is to clear off the debt.

If you have a high-interest rate, mortgage loans, personal loans, credit, and other types of loans or debt to pay, ensure you clear them because the higher the interest rate, the more money to settle debts and the lesser you have to invest. You can also invest your money in passive income by dedicating your time.

However, if the time permits you and you wish to have more passive income streams, you can opt to invest your money in sign-up bonuses. Although it isn’t a fully passive income as it requires some effort and works, your $1000 can grow faster than you can imagine.


Another way to invest your $1000 is through the YouTube channel. If you’re probably someone who loves to talk, dance, sing, and give lessons among a host of talents, you can create a channel on YouTube and get people to subscribe to your channel. This could fetch your income as long as you have the audience paying attention to your videos.

Affiliate marketing:

Many sites offer this option. You can work with multiple sites to get the best returns. As long as you have a blog with recurring visitors and very good traffic, you can easily be making money without doing so much.


This is possibly the most common way of making passive income. And the amazing thing is that with $1000, you can get an excellent blog or website and earn money from multiple means just from one blog.

Investing in e-courses:

It is crucial that you learn to invest in yourself. Having a skill can earn your income even when you are not in paid employment. There are several platforms to pick up a skill. You can choose to learn many skills through e-courses. The good thing is that there are many free courses even if you can’t afford to pay for the paid e-course. But I would recommend only going for e-courses from experts in your field.

Although it might cost you to buy the course, the long-run profit is higher, and you value the knowledge more. Most of these courses are short, and you need to dedicate time each week to complete it. Once you do, you would have gained knowledge that cannot be taken back.


Most successful, rich business people didn’t start building their fortunes from millions. They all started from scratch, and they have become famous throughout the whole world. If you are wondering how to invest your $1000 into having a passive money means of income, the above guide will help you make decisions.

Let me know in the comment section of other ways you think you can earn passively without investing any more than $1000. If this topic has been informative, ensure you click on the like button.

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