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Traveling Preparations

As you know, I’m a firm believer in doing your homework. And, even though I’ve already been in Barbados before, I still took the time to do some research before we left. Yes, Barbados is a really small place (you can go across the entire country in just a day!) and yes, the locals are very outgoing and friendly, but there are a couple of things that might catch you off-guard (like the prices of things, for example). Since I love travelling so much, I’ve got my very own preparation checklist that I go through before heading out. Below, I’ve listed most of the main points (there’s actually a lot more to it, but I don’t want to bore you with the details — there’s enough things on it to fill an entire article!):

  • Internet and connectivity — Take a look at the connectivity options (Internet and phone calls) — start using VPN — check the link in the resource sector at the end of the blog.
  • Money — whether you should exchange your money before you leave or on-site
  • Hotels — where are you staying and why

Dress appropriately

What clothes to bring when travelling to Barbados

Don’t leave your habits behind!

Going on vacation allows you to take a break from your daily life, but there are some things that you simply can’t leave behind. During the entire trip, I didn’t buy a single plastic bottle, throw-away coffee cup or straw — I simply took my reusable alternatives along! I had my coffee mug, stainless steel straws, bamboo cutlery and cotton bags with me the whole time and I kept my entire trip as clean as possible. After our flight, I was approached by one of the attendants. She was very impressed by my choice of cutlery on the plane (I had refused their plastic utensils since I wanted to use my bamboo set) and we had a quick chat about eco-friendliness.

Internet and connectivity

You’ll be able to find Wi-Fi in most hotels, bars and restaurants across Barbados.


How much money do you really need in Barbados?

Things in Barbados can be quite pricey, so plan accordingly. Depending on where you stay and whether you want to partake in the vibrant nightlife, you might need to bring a significant sum along with you. There are plenty of banks to exchange your GBP for local currency, just keep your passport handy and be prepared to wait in line for a few minutes.

When you should visit Barbados?

When planning a vacation in Barbados timing is everything


Where to stay in Barbados?

Well, I’m not really a travel guide, but I’ve stayed in a couple of hotels so far and I’m going to share my experience with you here. However, I’d suggest that you book a hotel on the West coast, as that’s where the better beaches and calmer sea is.


My list of Must-See places in Barbados:

  • Beaches — being the number one attraction of this small island country, the Barbados beaches are truly a sight to behold.
  • Nikki beach — A walled-off, privately owned swimming pool, complete with peaceful resting and sunbathing areas. Very interesting and quite expensive.
  • The Wildlife Reserve — an amazing park where you can see all kinds of animals in their natural habitat. Definitely worth your time (and every penny you decide to spend there).
  • The Trips — Most hotels tend to organise tourist trips. Check the reception of your chosen hotel and see if you can sign up for one.
  • Harrison’s Cave
  • Lime Grove — Shops and restaurants in Hole Town. It’s very near the Mango Bay Hotel. Lots of shops, nightclubs, restaurants, very expensive designer shops
  • The local shops (Massy) — very interesting and quite expensive. If you’re working with a limited budget, try to bring all the necessities with you and keep shopping in the local places at a minimum. — They are very eco- friendly and use compostable bags
  • Restaurants — Traditional Bajan cuisine and tasty conventional meals wait at every turn in Barbados!


Harrison’s Cave

We have visited Harrison’s cave on one of our previous trips to Barbados, but we really wanted to experience it again. It’s a really interesting and beautiful location, that I sadly didn’t get to truly enjoy this time. Turns out that hearing about the Thailand cave accident last year, with the children’s soccer team getting trapped in that awful flooded cave for ten whole days, had really affected me more than I realised. I just couldn’t help but imagine how horrible it would feel getting trapped in a cave like that.

The Wildlife resort

This has got to be my favourite location in all of Barbados. I loved seeing it during our last trip and I was really happy to be back. It’s a wonderful place where tourists get to see and experience bits and pieces of the local wildlife in peace. The best part about it is that, unlike in the zoos back at home, the animals are allowed to run free! There’s no ugly, cramped cages, no chains or other limitations put on the wildlife. The only caged animals were some snakes and a couple of parrots. It’s truly an amazing place to visit, both for children and adults. Naturally, there were a lot of couples with children — all kids seem to love animals. If only most of us didn’t forget our appreciation for nature as we grew older, we’d live in a much different (and much better) world!

Where to eat?

One of the best restaurants that we had the pleasure of eating at in Barbados was Tide. The view and overall atmosphere were great, the service was brilliant and they had an excellent range of well-prepared meals along with some really interesting specialities that you won’t see anywhere else. We weren’t feeling too adventurous at the time, however, so we just had chicken (which they serve in coconut shells), risotto and some soup.

Trips and Tours

I highly recommend that you look into possible tours, organised by your hotel — just check your reception and see if you can’t get yourself into one of the many excursions and trips around the island. Not only will you get to see the sights, but you’ll also learn a lot about the local wildlife and history — the tour guides in Barbados are very knowledgeable about their country. And even though we found the tour option quite late, we still managed to get into one and we had a wonderful experience.

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