Professional Carpet Cleaning Vs. Hiring a Carpet Cleaning Machine — The Final Draw

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When was the last time you got your carpeting cleaned?

If you can’t give an answer to that real quick, it is maybe time you cleaned your carpet once again.

Thankfully, you are here to learn about carpet leaning. Welcome on board! In this article, we will take a close look at professional carpet cleaning and DIY carpet cleaning. Which is better?

Keep reading and within the end of this blog, you will be able to find out yourself.

Benefits of Carpet Cleaning And How Often Should Your Carpet Be Cleaned

  • First things first, cleanliness they say is next to godliness. That aside, good health is a gift that no one wants to lose. And like your water filter, your carpet should be kept clean at all times. Research shows that we spend almost 90% of our day indoors. Whether in your office or at home, your carpet can serve as a store of dirt and germs. Therefore, I can say unequivocally that you are exposed to dirt 90% of the day. It is even worse when you have pets or kids because they spend most of their indoor hours on the carpet, leaving them more susceptible to health issues due to the germs and dirt safely locked in your carpet.
  • Do you know that cleaning your carpet regularly can help maintain the appearance of your carpet and increase its longevity too? Well, you know now! Besides protecting you from germs, carpet cleaning also helps to maintain the look of your carpet. A well-maintained carpet could last forever. But we can’t say the same for one which is barely cleaned.

So, you know why cleaning your carpet is important. Our next question is how often should your carpet be cleaned? This is a recurring question among homeowners and business owners. How often should I clean my carpet? Twice a year? Maybe once? Every 18 months?

Well, I would like to quickly add that there is no exact answer to that question. This is because it depends largely on the traffic the carpet get and how often you vacuum it. Experts predict twice a year should do the trick, however, twice a year will be too small for a large family. The higher the leg traffic, the higher the amount of dirt that your carpet is exposed to. You may want to consider thrice a year. Furthermore, carpets in homes or offices where the owners have little or no time for regular vacuuming would require way more deep cleaning than others. Once or twice a year may not cut it for you. In essence, the best time to clean your carpet is highly variable. You will have to consider these factors to ascertain your best fit.

The Faceoff — Pro Carpet Cleaning Vs. DIY Carpet Cleaning


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