Buildings like offices, schools, restaurants, hotels, and other institutional and commercial buildings generate vast amounts of waste. It is imperative that we learn and understand how to deal with this waste. If not properly dealt with, waste can cause health and environmental hazards, so waste management should not be treated lightly.

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So, first, you might want to address your waste plans.


You can also improve your waste practices. This could involve recycling and waste prevention programs. These practices are sure to educate and encourage the general public on the need to deal with wastes properly. It is fair to say that the best way to reduce waste is actually to try and generate less. In other words, waste prevention is the best way to control waste as it gives added benefits like healthier environments and cost-effectiveness.

The best way to improve waste practices is by using the popular three Rs of waste management. When we practice Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, we are helping the environment to get rid of the excess waste it would have to deal with if left unchecked. These three practices have many benefits to our environments and the world at large. Now, let us take a look at the three Rs individually.


Reduce comes first for obvious reasons because when we reduce what we have, it automatically leads to being more resourceful. Some simple but effective ways for waste management include:


The next R is Reuse. Whenever we reuse items, we tend to reduce waste levels in the environment. It is also known to conserve more of the earth’s resources. Some of the ways to reuse old items are:


The last R is Recycle: By recycling items, we are drastically eliminating waste. Just like reuse, recycling has been proven to conserve natural resources. Thanks to technology, we can recycle a whole lot of things, so it is advisable to recycle if you can. You can encourage recycling by buying products made from recycled materials, getting items that may have a higher chance of being recycled, using food and garden waste as manure, which can also save costs in the long run, supporting local recycling movements or programs around you, etc.

We at are willing to help you with house clearance, building waste disposal, furniture disposal, and any other kind of waste management you might need. Remember, managing waste is basically doing yourself, the people around you, and the green earth a huge favor. So, when next you want to dispose of something, think of the three Rs and think of us here at fastklean services and together, we can make the world a better and healthier place to live in.

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