What do you regard as success? For each person in the world, the concept of success differs. But one conclusion I have reached from all the success stories of people around the world is that success is achieved through that inbound desire you want.

It could be getting into a good school, getting a scholarship, getting a grant, getting material things, starting a family. It could be having that job or traveling the world. Whatever it is, success is completely linked to what desire you originally had.

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Whatever your concept of success is, I have come to realize that success isn’t the journey or the end game. Instead, success is something you gain as part of the process. Your getting to college is a success story, but that’s an add-on to the end game of graduating. Once you have that skill, you become successful in people.

The same goes for owning a house. The end game is to have a comfortable life free of rent. The success of getting the house is a side point. Now that you understand that, here are 17 rules that I think you need to keep handy when trying to achieve that success story.

Success guide 101

Have a vision and then plan:

Having a dream is the very first step. You can do nothing if you don’t have a dream and a vision. Once you know what you want to do, then you should plan towards it. Success comes to those who never forget their vision, dream, and goal.

Once you have that settled, then you can know the direction you are going to, and you stick to it. There is so much going on the earth that without this point laid out, you end up getting swayed and confused without getting anywhere.

Surround yourself with those that support you:

This point could be harder to follow through. This is especially so when your immediate family has no faith in your abilities. In this situation, you ought to be prepared to draw a line with them. If they cannot be disconnected from your life, then put a barrier in how much of their toxic nature can affect your success story. You won’t be the first to keep your family away from your business.

Never turn down an opportunity:

This point simply means that take the leap. It only takes one yes for that success to come to you. Even when the chances of your achieving success are slim, try anyways. The only loss you can get when you try is the answer no. But when you don’t try, you still get a no as the answer and also forgo the possibility of success.

It’s better to take a bit of action than no action at all:

Writers believe that a bad write up can be edited, but an empty sheet cannot be. This means that it is better to do something even when it’s not to the fullest than to not do anything at all.; once you do, you can get exhausted and lose all interest to complete the work. As much as everyone wants the icing, the cake is most important.

Make use of your time while there is no point protecting time:

Procrastinating over things will do you no good. Many people tend to put things off because they think they are young, or they think they could always do it later. Eventually, they realize that all that time they thought they had is all gone, and yet they haven’t achieved any of the goals they had.

The more you run away from difficulties, the harder things get:

Life is all about lessons, and these lessons come in your experience, difficulties, hardships and problems that you face. Running away from them just compounds your issues. The more you concentrate on your difficulties and solve them, the quicker they end.

Hard work still rules:

As much as the world today advocates for you to work smart, you can’t escape working hard. You need hard work to get to success but it’s how you channel that hard work that matters. No shortcut really gives you lasting success so if you want that win; you need to be ready to work your butt off. And bear in mind that you have only yourself to bale or praise for your success story.

Be content yet ambitious:

It’s a good thing to be happy with what you have and have achieved. That is an important task you are called to daily complete, yet being too content isn’t very good for you. You need to also be ambitious and understand that for every level you are there is a greater one. Strive for the next while being thankful for the now.

Find your passion and use it to make money:

This is a usual understanding and all successful people have achieved that. If you wish to be successful and glee, utilize your passion, and leverage the benefits. You can look around for those who have been successful in that field and learn from them. Also, expand your passion for accommodating more of what the industry wants.

Your ability to organize is a step to success:

It’s all about how well you can set things straight in your life and other activities. Successful people don’t wait for life or luck to set their lives going; rather, they strive to gain order in the mess that is life. Waiting for something or someone to help you on the road to success will get you nowhere, you need to brace the storm and organize your life.

Have a goal for each day:

Everyday set out your goals as soon as you wake up. This will help you have a destination and a direction for the day. Make a to-do list and wake up early, this way you have more time to do what you need. You can read more on this through our post ‘how to be more productive in 2020.’


Find those within the same goals, ideas, businesses, and industry as you are and have them on your team. To do that you can leverage events, seminars, and online sites and platforms that are aimed at what you do.

Success is in how well you can use what you have:

Sure, you might not have all the wealth of skill you need to get to the top, but you have something. Even a small resource, in skill, finance, experience, or more can be used to enhance your chances of success.

Going beyond your limits:

This point is important to every success-minded person. You need to know your limits and then when you know them, you need to exceed them. There are certain things in this life you cannot achieve without breaking past your capacity. And as you extend your limits, you open yourself to greater opportunities.

What are you focused on:

Understanding where your focus is can be a great advantage for you. The point remains that your focus can change every once in a while, find ways to send you back on the track of your goals. This could mean changing your perspective of things and your attitude to things just to ensure that the goals you have can be met.

Make success your routine:

Make a routine that promotes your goals. You can’t expect to master a new language from having just one class on Duo lingo. It takes time, consistency, and repetition. Take a child, for example, children learn through repetition; the more they repeat the alphabets, the more they learn it. And in time they can use it to do greater things.

Have a healthy lifestyle:

Your lifestyle tells me what your goals are. A successful person leads a successful lifestyle. This means drinking water regularly and not just water but Kangen water. This also means that they sleep right, exercise, eat right and stay positive. A healthy lifestyle is a major player in how your success story will look.


There are many things that you will face while on your success journey, yet that isn’t enough for you to give up. Sticking to these guides will help you a lot. Thanks for staying through this. If you like to see more of this, be sure to subscribe. Be sure to like, comment, and share this post if you enjoyed this.

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