The importance of staying Eco-Friendly | Lifestyle Tips by Antoaneta

How a lot of the widely used day-to-day products harm the environment

The world we live in is precious — it’s where we were born and it is all we have, it is also the world that our children, and their children’s children, will grow up in. Do you really want your legacy to them to be a polluted environment that’s potentially unsafe to live in?

Plastics and their negative impact on human health and the environment — why saying ‘no’ to plastics is good

Ah, plastics — the proverbial elephant in the room. Nearly every household within the UK relies heavily on the use of plastic products. According to The Independent newspaper, more than 35.8 million bottles are consumed on a daily basis within the United Kingdom. And it’s not just bottles. Plastic grocery bags, plastic tea bags (we do love our tea, don’t we?) plastic cups, plates, trays, cutlery and more are all adding to the growing problem.

  • Polystyrene items (plastic cups, bowls, plates, cutlery, take-out bags, containers, and even egg cartons) have been reported as a possible human carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer
  • Plastic bottles are advertised as safe for use. What is not as widely advertised is that they are only really safe on their very first use. When used continually, they can leach a toxin in your body, causing damage.

Why using bleach is harmful

Your local store gives you full access to one of the most dangerous and deadly chemicals available to us.

Everyone has to do their part! What you can do as a citizen

The only way to create, enforce and maintain an eco-friendly trend (save for governmental sanctions) is by promoting awareness for the problem. Over the course of history it has been proven time and again that the most effective type of leadership is leading by example. Only by standing up for what we believe in can we truly make an impact.

Promoting the trend of protecting our world — why business leaders need to adopt an eco-friendly approach

People doing their part is important. Business leaders, CEOs and other public figures carry an even heavier burden. Remember the whole “lead by example” bit? The average person is a leader in their own right — a leader of their family, group of friends or a small neighbourhood community. The business leader is a public figure, the face of a company, corporation or industry. They already strive to innovate in their field, allowing their clients to benefit from the latest trends and practices.

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