The Stock Market and Confusion of the economic Crisis in 2020

A closer look at the current status of the stock market

The Great Depression leads to unemployment, business closures, poverty, debt, and overall economic hardship. Although The Great Depression ended years ago, there are still several after-effects and instances where similar crises in the economy are noted. Within the last year, many of the signs that were predominant in the great depression began to surface. However, even with the fear of another economic meltdown, things still seem to be kept afloat.

How the economy has stayed safe

Government debts are one of the first global steps that have kept the entire world stable. Experts all over the world have said that the world economy would have experienced a huge crash if this step had not been implemented. So what are governments around the world doing? They are simply borrowing from the world bank to care for their citizens. On record, over 16 trillion dollars have been borrowed by various countries.

How banks affect the stock market?

Central banks around the world have also played a part in keeping the global economy afloat. Although the process is slightly complicated, the result is that trillions of dollars around the world have been printed to help mitigate the falling economy. According to the federal reserve’s guys, this decision, if not implemented, would have seen a massive economic fall around the world. This expected fallout was already in progress and would have been eminent in a year or slightly longer. The economic fall of 2008, which happened between two weeks, actually began falling slowly and steadily two years back.

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