Hardwood floors bring warmth and beauty to our homes. They are durable, and if treated with proper care can last a lifetime. You can always clean the hard floors and keep them looking sparklingly clean and attractive with some little tips. Floors take a lot, ranging from spills to mishaps to the daily traffic and the like. The easiest and smartest ways to clean these kinds of floors is by using preventive measures because of two advantages: One, they protect the floors because if the floors are not dirty, you will not have to clean them. Two, if these floors are kept free of dirt, we will not need to clean so often, saving us a lot of time and resources.

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Sometimes, to reduce dirt, you can use floor mats that can be kept outside your homes and offices. Whatever you do, try to avoid stains on the hard floors. With hardwood floors, heels and cleats that can scratch the surfaces should also be left with the shoes at the door. Also, marks on the hard floors can damage its beautiful surface, so it is always safer to use floor protectors under your furniture. Since we are still trying to protect the surfaces, we can also add rugs in the children’s play areas to avoid stains and scratches on the floors. The stains and dirt are inevitable, so how do we clean the hard floors when they get dirty?


To clean the hard floors, you can use a vacuum or dust mop to remove dust, dirt and other debris that could scratch or deface the floors. It is always better not to use the vacuum with extra attachments like beater bars to preserve the surface of the hard floors. The number of times you do this kind of soft cleaning would depend on the traffic in your home.

Always remember that no matter the cleaner or cleaning process you use, it is always better to keep in mind that hard cleaning floors are almost always the same. Simply saturate a cleaning cloth like the reusable eco-friendly bamboo cleaning cloth or mop in your preferred cleaning solution. Wring the material until it is just damp and not wet. Proceed to wipe or mop the floor with the material without putting so much liquid on the intended surface. Then rinse the material with a good amount of clean water, wring out any excess water, and dampen the surface to remove the cleaning solution. After this, use the dry bamboo cleaning cloth to clean any standing water to prevent damage to the floor.

Dust mopping may not be able to deal with some of the grime and dirt that accumulate over time. For deep cleaning, it is always better to make use of a liquid cleaner. Some people may prefer to use commercial products for cleaning. Be sure to always follow the instructions of the manufacturer. Others prefer to use organic cleaners which can be made by mixing vinegar with water and a few drops of liquid soap.

Try to cover the scratches on the floors as much as possible. One simple way to do it is to use crayons of the same colour as the hard floors to fill in the little holes. Once you do so, use a blow dryer to heat the covered area to remove any excesses and wipe with a dry cloth. There are some ways to handle dirt on hard floors. For pet stains and dark spots, you can use bleach and vinegar. For heel marks, simply use steel wool and floor wax. To remove oil stains, rub the stained area with water and detergent.


These are some of the simple ways to clean the hard floors and keep them sparkling clean and durable for a long time. If for any reason, you haven’t had the time to do so in a while, why not engage the services of professionals? At fastklean.co.uk, we offer these kinds of services. So, if this blog was as informative and educative as we hoped, like and share it, subscribe to our channel and drop your views and comments below.

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