Top 3 Strategies to Quickly Grow Your Business

Antoaneta Tsocheva
4 min readJun 28, 2021

Owning a business is one thing. Growing and scaling it fast is another. Although it’s pretty easy to start and run a business, the challenge usually comes when it’s time to grow. And this is because scaling requires some specific steps that might lead a business to become a recipe for disaster if not done correctly.

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There are a lot of methods to scale your business to an unimaginable level in no time. And because the success of your business is dependent on its growth, getting the proper steps to grow your business may be the most fulfilling experience of your life.

However, a lot of business owners become confused regarding the proper steps to take. Because of that, we have prepared for you the three fundamentals to grow any business quickly.

Create A Time-Restricted Target

Time and target are two significant factors that skyrocket the success of any section of human life. And in business, it’s one of the most important things to consider, especially when aiming for growth.

Therefore, It’s essential that you as a business owner set a target for your business and back it up with a time limit. Then think of how the life of you and your team will upgrade if you can meet up with the target. This will motivate you and your team and elevate your discipline to keep working at full potential to make the big vision for the business come true.

You don’t necessarily need to be completely aware of the process at the start. If you have made these affirmations and are ready to work it out, the process will soon appear.

Social Accountability

To achieve your envisioned business goal, you need discipline, and it can best be achieved by making every team member accountable and socially accountable.

What does that mean?

Suppose company X is a business seeking growth, setting its vision, and looking forward to achieving it. So, at 9 am every morning, every team member in Company X will gather for an accountability process based on the task for that day and the previous day. So every member will announce his or her achievement regarding yesterday’s appointment and the level of his or her commitment to today’s job.

That is social accountability. It’s mighty to the extent that it will turn the entire business’s nature around since the person who flops today won’t want to do the same the next day. Hence, this is the kind of accountability you should set for your team to swift the growth of your business.

Have A Good System

Although scaling becomes achievable when you have a clear target and time limit, It’s easier to fulfil your business’s growth mission and vision when you have a good plan and process to back it up.

What system do you need to grow your business? Is it to recruit more experts, sales agents, create a new platform, build up a new sector or whatever system you need to put in place.

When you have these systems in place, you find scaling more of a piece of cake. As if that’s not all, it also helps the business to deal with challenges that might arise during the growth mission without sending the company to the smoke

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