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Antoaneta Tsocheva
5 min readFeb 24, 2020

Hello, and welcome to my blog again. Everyone has a dream, everyone has a goal, everyone wants to succeed in whatever they do, and that is a reasonable expectation. But do you know what tips lead to success? Are you aware of what you need to do to help you become a successful person? Many people aim for success but never achieve it because they are doing the wrong things. In this publication, I will take you through some success points that many successful people have adopted.

I am giving you 35 tips to help you live a successful life and if you watch the video till the end you will get a bonus my 36th tip.

1. Pick out clothes the night before

You not only save time in the morning, but it also ensures you make the right clothing decision.

2. Plan your day

For those who hate monotony or those with very unexpected days, don’t set time for things, rather set activities. Decide what you need to do each day and ensure you complete them all irrespective of order.

3. Read often

Even if not daily, ensure that you read weekly. I will say Read daily: The more you read, the more you know, and you never know when it might come in handy..

4. Mobile devices

Set out a time at least monthly to stay off phones and gadgets.

5. Wake up early

The earlier you get up, the more time you have to achieve great things.

6. Try Meditating

Meditate, take time out and think about you and your plans, learn the lessons life is trying to teach you.

7. Exercise

It’s not only a healthy choice but among the most important success tips.

8. Eat well

You will need all the energy you can get on your journey to success, eat right, which means eating healthy and eating enough. Never miss a meal you can afford to have.

9. Drink plenty of water

Don’t wait till you’re thirsty, drink water as often as you can, your body will thank you for this.

10. Family

Spend time with family. When the going gets tough, they are the only ones who are there for you.

11. Friends

Keep in touch with people that inspire you, friends that you can learn from

12. Set goals

Goals are plans for your life, it’s never assured that you might do it all, but setting them in itself is a success.

13. Love yourself

Make affirmations to yourself daily, you’ll be shocked how well it works.

14. Always be yourself

Understand that you are an original and stop trying to be a photocopy of an original. Keep in mind that you are the best you that you can be.

15. Have a purpose

Never believe that your existence is an accident or a coincidence, you have a purpose on Earth. Now is the time to find it.

16. Find inspiration

Inspiration is our success fuel. Everyone has a unique inspiration, so find out yours and use it. It might be nature. Whatever it is, it’s up to you to use it to the fullest.

17. Be productive

Only do things that can add value to yourself and the world. You just have to ensure your day is filled with as many beneficial activities as can be.

18. Save money

Try this when you think saving is almost impossible for your present financial state. Save every little amount you can find. Don’t touch the bigger bucks, just those little coins or bills that all make a difference.

19. Track finances

The best way to track is with smaller expenses, they take up more than you think. You will most likely remember the big bucks payments, but not the little things.

20. Spend wisely

Learn what is more important. This doesn’t mean you can’t spoil yourself every once in a while.

21. Invest

Be cautious when investing, but don’t be too cautious that you never take a risk.

22. Build a brand

No matter your employment area, building a brand in your field of expertise gets you the notice your skill deserves.

23. Interact

You cannot achieve success on your own. It shouldn’t matter if you don’t like them or vice versa, what matters is the positive impact they can make in your success.

24. Delegate

Understand that the more you delegate, the more you can take on. Start small, get a single person or go through freelance workers.

25. Automate

Use as much tech-based help as you can afford. It is convenient, useful, and effective.

26. Network

Link yourself with people who have experience in your field and then link others new to your field.

27. Get a mentor

Try getting a mentor or at least look into the lives of those who have gone through this journey before you and learn their lessons. Let their mistakes be your guide.

28. Fail fast

Failure is not the end, it’s a part of your lessons. So accept it when it comes and quickly learn from it.

29. Judge less

Now you know that people aren’t unsuccessful because they didn’t strive. They might even have worked harder than you, but they just couldn’t get up from the lows like you.

30. Help others and offer your success tips

Remember to always have a helping hand for those struggling to get out of a bad situation..

31. Keep a journal

Your journal or diary should remind you what parts not to take again and which to follow.

32. Do more

For yourself as well as for others. Be selfless, even though you know your worth.

33. Learn new skills

Challenge yourself to be good at something outside of the regular.

34. Think big

Think so big that it’s almost laughable. Take little everyday things and be creative, draw an ant five times the size of an elephant.

35. Be ambitious

Aim for space, life can be disappointing, so when it does choose to disappoint you can at least fall to a skyscraper.

As you read the blog till now I have a BONUS for you my 36 tip is

36. Bonus tip — Have a positive attitude

Be so positive that even when you’re up to here with all life’s problems, you can still say at least I’m closer to my goals.

Have any of these success tips been helpful to you? Have you used any of them? What impact did it make to you? It is generally a battle to achieve greatness and success in life, and many go about seeking the right plans to succeed. The best is what we want for ourselves, but a major necessity for these tips includes diligence and commitment. If you are willing to succeed, you must be ready to make sacrifices on your journey.

I hope that you take this advice for those who have not started using any and for those who already use some of these tips, keep up the good work, it’ll pay eventually. Don’t forget to join my blog and let me know your story.

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