What’s The Best Way To Invest A Thousand Dollars In The Stock Market?

Antoaneta Tsocheva
5 min readJul 19, 2021

Sometimes, I see investment as a skill. When I say skill, I mean it is something one may not be born with, but with the right amount of time and energy invested, one can always get better and better at the game. Do you agree with me? If you don’t, let me know your reasons in the comment box below. Now, you will need capital (but I am sure you already knew that). Just like every form of investment, capital is needed.

There are a lot of ways to get capital. It is not easy to get a thousand dollars at this time, so it would take a lot of hard work, right? So let’s say you have put in all the hard work, and now you have a thousand dollars with you; what exactly are you planning to do with it?

Yes, you can choose to go to the casino and gamble it to win more money, or you can decide to invest it in the stock market, exercise a little patience, and watch the money become a constant source of passive income. If I were to advise, I would say you choose the latter. From my experience as a seasoned stock investor, I believe that if you invest a thousand dollars wisely, you just might be on your way to financial freedom. Check out my other blogs such as, “ The Cheapest Stocks to Buy Right Now “.

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Jumping into the business of the day, what would I do if I was a beginner investor and had a thousand dollars to invest in the stock market? In this particular order, I would; Find a company I am comfortable investing in

Some people go about investing in the stock market in different ways. The rich ones hire investment experts and pay them to make investments. But if you have a thousand bucks, it is not wise to hire an investment expert. So the first step is finding that company you completely understand. As a beginner investor, you may not be able to understand the intricacies and jargon of the stock market, but that is fine. If you try this, you might get a little confused. If you love tech, there is a tendency you will feel more comfortable investing in a stock. So first, find that company you are more comfortable investing in and that you completely understand.

Invest only a part of that money into that company I like

Well, you need to understand that you do not need to invest all of the money in that company. So take two-thirds of that thousand bucks and put into that company you feel you understand better. You can leave the other part of the money in the brokerage account for the time being. Remember that the money in the brokerage account will still be useful in the long run. All you are trying to do is mitigate any losses that may go along the way. Remember that you are actually investing your first one thousand, so you would want to be a little careful about going all-in when investing.

Watch the company closely and find another stock to invest in

Since you are a lot more comfortable investing in that company, you would become more interested in finding out whatever news comes out of the company. There will always be financial news, reports, and statements, and since you are now a part-owner of the company, it wouldn’t hurt to know what is happening with the stocks of that company. Even if you don’t understand fully, be ready to hear whatever you have to. You never can tell where you will hear the news that may influence your judgment in the right direction. But while doing that, you should be on the lookout for that other stock you might want to invest in. I believe in diversification. With the idea and experience, you have gathered from the first stock, you will do better with the stock market.

Decide if you want to sell shares in your first stock

Your decision can change somewhere along the line. Maybe you have realized that the first stock isn’t as great as you thought, or maybe you have made enough profit, and you believe it is time to sell the stocks and move onto something better. You can take the returns from the first stock and maybe decide what you want to do with it.

Invest what is left in the other stock

Remember we started with a thousand bucks and have only invested about two-third. That leaves us with one-third of the money and maybe returns from the first stock (if you decided to sell shares from it). Now, you are going into the other stocks as a more experienced investor. That would set the odds in your favor, and you are well on your way to making good returns. If you liked the first stock, you do not need to sell shares from the first stock. Remember it is your decision.

In conclusion, investing your first one thousand dollars should not be much of a big deal. But remember, patience is the name of the stock market investment game. So with the right decision and information, your first one thousand can become one million in 10 years. Please like and share this blog, and let me know your views, thoughts, comments, and questions in the comment box below.

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