As you probably already know, using plastic for anything is not at all eco-friendly because plastic is not biodegradable. In some cases, harmful chemicals used in the manufacturing of these plastics cause air pollution and make it difficult to inhale fresh oxygen.

Plastics also form a very high percentage of the waste products found on the ground. As plastic waste is stored , they release some harmful substances and bacteria that create sickness among people.

The government and other private companies spend more and more money trying to regulate the amount of plastic waste circulating. There are better options when it comes to an eco-friendly life. For those who look forward to living an eco-friendly lifestyle, here are some points to consider using bamboo cutlery rather than using the plastic cutlery which is harmful to the environment and you.

Why you should go for bamboo cutlery?

Manufactured using natural resources

Eating with bamboo cutlery has a unique feeling and has a back-to-the-roots sensation. Your health safety is assured as the bamboo cutlery is safer to use than the plastic cutlery.

Biodegradable in its form

Plastics are not biodegradable; hence, they pose a great danger to the soil. In order to help save this planet, use the bamboo cutlery and the natural feel of it.

Heat and fire resistance


Durability and long life span

Some kids break the plastic cutlery to chew, that’s very harmful, but the bamboo cutlery gives them little chance to break and play with.

Unique in beauty

Having a photoshoot to promote this bamboo cutlery is so beautiful and cute and can attract people who fantasize using unique products to your restaurants or your business centre. Having to use this bamboo cutlery is sure to boost your business.

Bamboo cutlery is more preferable to metal cutlery

Moreover, metal cutlery when in contact with other metal utensils releases tiny metal filings, which are harmful to the body. This situation is common when stirring food with metal cutlery in a metallic utensil.

Moreover, metal cutlery is a little bit noisy when eating with, but the bamboo cutlery is less noisy and fun to eat with.

The bamboo cutlery can be reused, which reduces the amount of waste product that ends in landfills. Bamboo cutlery is here to replace the throwing away of plastic cutlery which is not biodegradable and destroys the formation of the soil.

The earth is rapidly destroyed with the plastic materials buried in it, but with bamboo cutlery, they are biodegradable, which fertilizes the soil.

Thinking of how to clean these bamboo cutlery? You are on a safe side. Cleaning is much easier as compared to any other material used for cutlery. Normal water without chemicals will give it a sparkling look on the eyes.

If we have more bamboo products and fewer plastics, the government won’t spend much on regulating waste disposal in the system, which saves the government a good amount of money to boost the economy.

Moreover, as the bamboo cutlery products are used, more craftsmen are employed to reduce the unemployment of the country. We also pay these craftsmen more than the normal labour rates to make life better for their families and themselves.

In the end, we are all in search of the best way to protect our planet for the future generation. Now Eco Bravo has given you the opportunity to do so in style, ease, and affordability.


Originally published at on October 22, 2020.

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